Manzi Wa Kibera back together with her 67-year-old ex lover

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On Sat, 24 Feb, 2024 09:01 | 2 mins read
Manzi wa Kibera and her ex-lover. PHOTO/(@ManziWaKibera)Instagram (@manzi_wa_kibera)
Manzi wa Kibera and her ex-lover. PHOTO/(@ManziWaKibera)Instagram (@manzi_wa_kibera)

Upcoming socialite Sharon Wambui alias Manzi wa Kibera appears to have rekindled her relationship with her 67-year-old ex-husband, Nzioki.

In a video shared on her Instagram page, the socialite and Mzee were enjoying breakfast and the caption of the video read, 'kisses for breakfast' accompanied by 'Kisses for Breakfast' audio by Jamaican artiste Samantha J.

This comes just months after she introduced her 75-year-old boyfriend, Daniel Njau as her new lover.

Manzi Wa Kibera, hubby breakup

In October, just a few days after announcing that she was expecting a child, Manzi Wa Kibera's 67-year-old hubby denied the pregnancy saying he had been played

He said that the socialite should come clean on who was responsible for her pregnancy.

"Hapana haiezi kuwa yangu hata, si yangu hio, nimekataa kata kata kabisa. Haiezi kua yangu hio atuambie ni ya nani. Nataka akuje anielezee, aniambie ni ya nani," he said.

The two had been in an and off relationship and reportedly got married in June 2023.

Nzioki asks for financial help

On January 11, 2024, Nzioki reached out to Kenyans seeking financial assistance claiming his relationship with the socialite had drained his pockets.

He disclosed that he had spent all his savings trying to impress and care for his ex-girlfriend, leading to their breakup.

The aftermath included the loss of his belongings, and he expressed distress over the situation.

The 67-year-old explained that his financial troubles had strained the relationship, causing his ex-girlfriend to become distant and unloving.

In response, the socialite denied the allegations attributing the breakup to his alleged promiscuity.

She introduced a new partner, 75-year-old Daniel Njau, and accused Nzioki of cheating with multiple women while spending money on them.

The ghetto socialite claimed that she didn't know the old man's financial constraints.

"To be honest, I didn't know that the old man was selling his belongings to take care of me, and I feel sorry for him. I pray for good things for him, I have nothing else to say. I feel bad about those stories, but at the same time, I am happy with my new partner here," Manzi wa Kibera expressed during the conversation.

Sympathising with the old man, the upcoming socialite maintained that she was not aware that he was struggling to provide for her.

"I feel sorry for the old man, and in this stormy time, I stand with him. But those DMs he used to respond to, I'm surprised, I thought he would find another beautiful lady, but if he has decided to come and cry, and I think he left me with a heavy heart, what else can I say, I just pity him," Manzi wa Kibera added.

When asked if she would help her ex-lover financially, Manzi Wa Kibera noted that she could only put him in her prayers.

She also mentioned that she would contribute at least Ksh5,000 to the sexagenarian.

"I will stand with him through prayers. I will support him through prayers only, and if it's money, maybe just five thousand or three thousand, we will see."

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