Otile Brown explains how he tried to win his Ethiopian ex-girlfriend back

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On Sat, 24 Feb, 2024 08:18 | 3 mins read
Kenyan musician Otile Brown and his Ethiopian ex girlfriend Nabayet. PHOTO/Otile Brown(@otilebrown)/Instagram
Kenyan musician Otile Brown and his Ethiopian ex girlfriend Nabayet. PHOTO/Otile Brown(@otilebrown)/Instagram

Kenyan musician Otile Brown has opened up about his efforts to reconcile with his Ethiopian ex-girlfriend, Nabayet.

The 'Alivyonipenda' singer took to his Instagram Stories to share his sentiments, revealing that his trips to Ethiopia aimed to win her back.

The singer who had also written a song dedicated to Nabayet, revealed that he had to let go because because he felt she had changed after breaking her heart.

He also noted that the long distance between them was also a factor that contributed to her rejecting him.

"Nilimpenda sana mu Ethiopian, nilitaka I sana kumuoa Ile kisa nilimuumiza sana kipindi cha nyuma alinikataa mara kadhaa Zile trip ze ethiopia zote zilikue za kumbembeleza akubali nimuoe Ila alikataa Lakini ata Mimi pia siku mpambania sana mana nilihisi amebadilika sio yule Mu Ethiopia nilie mjua . Zile heartbreak na long distance pengine zilimkatisha tamaa," Otile Brown stated.

The singer confessed that the decision to let go was difficult, and he spent a significant amount of time single, fearing he might never find someone who understood him as she did.

"I had to take the L and let go Huo waamuzi ulinitesa sana , nimekaa kipindi kirefu single mana nilihisi hakuna mtu anae nielewa Kama yeye na nilikua na uwoga kua huenda sitawai kumpata mtu Kama yeye maisha yangu yote But now I'm grateful I found love. To my concerned big bros 4 sisters moms and pops on my DMs always love and respect to her," he shared.

Otile Brown recently released a song titled 'Dear Ex' which is a part of his new album dubbed 'Grace'

"May that 'Dear Ex' song bless and show you all youngins the way. It took a lot of courage and selflessness to be that vulnerable and tell the story as it was," Otile Brown remarked.

Otile Brown, Nabayet

The singer dated the Ethiopian model for four years.

Speaking on local television, Otile Brown showered praises on Nabayet revealing why he loved her so much.

Nabbi is a beautiful woman and what I like about her is that she wants nothing from me, hataki kiki, hataki Otile Brown, anataka Jack ama Juma. Ni mwananke ambaye anashughuli zake, Kazi zake ambazo anafanya kubwa tu, she is responsible” said Otile.

This came almost immediately after his failed relationship with socialite Vera Sidika.

In 2022, Otile Brown was spotted in Ethiopia and rumours started circulating with fans speculating a possible reunion.

Otile confirmed meeting Nabayet noting that he was only there for the two to figure things out and see the way forward.

He then confirmed that they both had an amicable agreement that they should go their separate ways.

True to his words, Nabayet came out to confirm that they indeed didn’t get back together.

Otile Brown, Vera Sidika

Otile dated Vera Sidika for a period, and the two didn’t shy away from serving couple goals on social media.

Their relationship was tabloid fodder, with netizens accusing them of clout-chasing more often than not.

The two called it quits in a much-publicized acrimonious breakup, with Vera Sidika exposing their dirty laundry on social media.

Speaking in an interview, Otile revealed that he had no grudge against Vera and that they were on speaking terms with the socialite.

“I’m not the type of man who will come up here and start to bash my Ex-, I’m a grown-up man. What I can say is kila mtu anamapunguvu yake. Hakuna mtu yuko perfect. Vera has a beautiful heart, she is caring. But when it comes to love, some people don’t know how to deal with heartbreaks. I have got nothing but love for her. We are talking, we started talking recently. I was at her beauty parlour and had my legs done. We are friends I got nothing but love for her,” Otile Brown said.