‘Haiwezi kuwa yangu’ – Manzi wa Kibera’s 67-year-old lover denies pregnancy

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On Tue, 31 Oct, 2023 14:01 | 2 mins read
'Wakiwachana na sisi ndio tunapendana' - Manzi wa Kibera says as she shows off baby bump
Manzi wa Kibera, lover when they showed off their baby bump. PHOTO/(@Manzi Wa Kibera)/Instagram

Manzi wa Kibera's 67-year-old lover, Nzioki, has denied planting a seed in her womb.

Speaking to a local YouTuber, the sexagenarian refuted the claims made by the upcoming socialite noting that he was caught off guard.

He strongly denied the allegations demanding that the socialite should explain to him who got her paged.

"Hapana haiezi kuwa yangu hata, si yangu hio, nimekataa kata kata kabisa. Haiezi kua yangu hio atuambie ni ya nani. Nataka akuje anielezee, aniambie ni ya nani," he said.

Manzi wa Kibera announces pregnancy

Manzi wa Kibera and her lover recently took to social media to announce that they were expecting a child.

The two shared a video of them dancing happily as they informed fans of an additional member to their family. They also shared pictures showing the sexagenarian holding the bump.

"Wakiwachana na sisi ndio tunapendana," she wrote.

The two have been in an on-and-off relationship causing a stir online over the legitimacy of their relationship after a section of fans claimed that they were clout-chasing.

Manzi wa Kibera strongly refuted the claims as she confessed that she was in love with the old man.

While insisting that they are not clout-chasing, the socialite also revealed that she met her lover after confessing her love for Mumias East Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Salasya.

"He's my new man. I met him after confessing my love for MP Salasya who turned me down. He has money and he is wealthy. He caters to me, he gives me a soft life, attention and love," she said.

On his part, Nzioki said Kibera was not too young for him and that he could take care of her.

"She is not young for me, I can take care of her and keep my promises unlike young men who are out here heartbreaking young girls," he said.

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