‘Muniheshimu kama bibi ya mtu’ – Kamene storms out of interview after being asked about her body count

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On Sat, 10 Jun, 2023 14:49 | 2 mins read
'Muniheshimu kama bibi ya mtu' - Kamene storms out of interview after being asked about her body count
Kamene Goro with her husband DJ Bonez during a presser. PHOTO/Screengrab.

Kamene Goro was rattled by an irritating question about her 'dirty' past that a journalist asked her in the presence of her husband DJ Bonez.

The media personality and her husband held a press conference ahead of their gig in Mombasa and they invited questions from journalists.

A daring journalist asked Kamene about her body count while making reference to an incident four years ago when she publicly revealed the number of men she had slept with.

The female journalist sought to inquire whether Kamene's body count had gone up since her last confession.

Kamene you have been so real with your life since ukue radio. The last time venye people backlashed you the last time venye ulisema body count yako and corporates walikuacha and everything. You said it was the lowest period of your life. How do you overcome it because it was the lowest period. Alafu body count yako imeongezeka ama iko pale pale?” the journalist innocently asked Kamene.

The question really hit 31-year-old Kamene where it hurts the most and she completely changed her attitude before figuring out the response to give.

A visibly distraught Kamene demanded to be respected in the presence of her husband before she gave the female journalist a tongue lashing.

I can’t talk about such things now naomba munipatie heshima yangu kama bibi ya mtu tafadhali. And it’s a bit offensive for you to ask a question like that when my husband is sitting right next to me. Let’s not be such kind of content creators, ok people? Let’s not also treat public figures or people who are in the public eye like that. We are also humans we deserve the same respect and dignity that I have accorded you today. You you specifically," Kamene ranted.

The former Kiss FM presenter opted to storm out of the presser as she simply couldn't bottle the anger boiling in her.

"On that note guys, it has been real thanks you so much. Amibore imagine, allow me to just go,” Kamene said as she walked away leaving her husband behind to deal with journalists' questions.

DJ Bonez on his part cautioned journalists against looking for skeletons in people's closets. He noted that everyone had a dark past, revealing that he too really 'messed around' being a DJ.

"Usiwai chunguza past ya mtu. Pia mimi past yangu ni mbaya kuliko yake coz mimi ni DJ so munajua. Nlikua mpware sana. Kila mtu anapast yake so usiwai chunguza past ya mtu wee move on ukipata mtu kama mumependana ishini maisha yenu musiskize watu coz the moment munaskina maoni ya watu nje hapa tayari mushajivunja. Hamtakua na heshima kwa nyumba," DJ Bonez said.

27 men

The journalist's question stemmed from Kamene's past confession about sleeping with men galore at a young age.

On August 27, 2018, Kamene send shockwaves across the country when she confessed that she had slept with 27 men at only 26 years of age.

Kamene made the confession during a session dubbed True or False in a whiskey Challenge at NRG studios together with Andrew Kibe and Prezzo.

“Let’s not judge me. My body counts stands at 27 as we speak,” Kamene Goro, who was 26 years old at the time, confessed.

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