Kamene Goro explains why she remains unemployed

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On Mon, 26 Jun, 2023 18:02 | 2 mins read
Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro. PHOTO/Courtesy

Kamene Goro has opened up on the reasons she has remained jobless, despite being among the top media personalities in the country.

Kamene previously worked as a TV news presenter before joining a renowned urban radio station that helped shape her career in the industry.

With her experience, she then moved up the ladder by landing another radio gig with Radio Africa where she left without announcing her next plan

Kamene Goro salvages her TV career after 8 years in the cold
Kamene Goro. PHOTO/Courtesy

However speaking on her podcast which features Oga Obinna and DJ Bonez, Kamene Goro revealed her reason for being unemployed; while responding to a cohost who described them as jobless people.

"Just three jobless people chilling, talking," Obinna introduced his cohosts as the show went on YouTube live.

Kamene Goro not jobless

However the sound of "jobless people" did not settle well with Kamene who interjected, explaining to Obinna why he should not refer to her as a jobless person.

"Jobless? We are not jobless. We are self-employed," Kamene told Obinna.

But in his defence, Obinna mentioned that having them not answer to any management or anybody means they are unemployed not necessarily jobless.

With that, Kamene agreed to Obinna's point of view and added that she no longer wishes to work for anybody.

According to Kamene, having to keep up with the pressure from bosses asking her whereabouts or location is why she will not be working for anyone.

"Why are you not awake, where are you," Kamene made fun while responding to Obinna.

Kamene Goro's confession comes a few months after she exited Kiss FM, which is owned by Radio Africa.

Speaking on rumours claiming she had been fired over absenteeism, Kamene said that she parted ways with her employer because her contract had expired and "there was no need to renew it".

"No, I was not fired. My contract was up by the end of this month (January) and there was no need to move forward with it... No beef with anyone," Kamene Goro said in an interview shortly after her last breakfast show.