Juliani comes clean about why he had put sex on hold when he met Lillian Ng’ang’a

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On Thu, 29 Sep, 2022 15:58 | 2 mins read
Juliani comes clean about why he had put sex on hold when he met Lillian Ng'ang'a
Juliani and his wife Lillian Ng'ang'a. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Musician Julius Owino, alias Juliani, was abstaining from all sexual activities at the time he met his current wife Lillian Ng'ang'a.

Juliani opened up about practising celibacy while speaking during an interview on Hot 96 FM.

He said at the time Lillian came into his life he didn't want anything to do with women and that he was focusing on himself and spirituality by abstaining from all sexual activities.

"Nilikuwa celibate hiyo time ata sitaki story ya manzi ju nilikuwa space poa sana but vitu zikatake tu shape yake venye inafaa. (I was celibate at the time, I didn't even want anything to do with dating. I was in a good place but things just turned out the way they did)," Juliani said.

Juliani denies wracking Lillian' former marriage

The rapper further distanced himself from allegations made by a section of netizens last year that he caused the breakup between Lillian and her former husband Alfred Mutua.

Juliani explained that he met Lillian after she had already broken up with her ex-husband but the split had not been publicly announced at the time.

"Huwezi slice jamaa mtu wake. Haihappen hivyo. Watu wanapenda those kind of allegations so wanapush towards a certain angle more than what it is but haikuwa hivyo. Mimi nimepatana na yeye last year randomly. Tukaanza kubonga story ya consciousness. Ndio baadaye akaniambia by the way hivi ndio kuko, mimi siko hapa.

"(You can't just 'snatch' someone's wife like that. It didn't happen like that. People love such kinds of allegations so they pushed it to appear that way it was not like that. I met her randomly last year. We talked about consciousness and later is when she opened up to me about how her split)," Juliani said.

Lillian and her ex-husband Alfred Mutua jointly announced their separation on August 15, 2021, two months after she met Juliani.

While their divorce seemed amicable at the beginning, it turned ugly later and Mutua even resorted to threatening Lillian and Juliani.

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