Sugoi women who trekked for Ruto’s inauguration stranded in Nairobi

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On Thu, 29 Sep, 2022 16:08 | 3 mins read
Sugoi women who trekked for Ruto's inauguration stranded in Nairobi
Sugoi women who trekked for Ruto's inauguration stranded in Nairobi . PHOTO/Courtesy

Two women who trekked using a cart from Sugoi, Uasin Gishu county to attend President William Ruto's inauguration in Kasarani, Nairobi County have come out to express their dissatisfaction.

The two Evelyn Chepkemei and Eunice Tabut intimated to a local tv station that they were left stranded in Nairobi moments after attending their 'son's' big day.

This is after their plans to meet the head of state did not mature. When asked why they wanted to see the country's first-in-command, Evelyn Chepkemei, a mother of three recounted that they had planned to gift a cart to the president for his win in the just-concluded general election.

Sugoi women stranded
Two women leave Sugoi for Nairobi. PHOTO/Courtesy

"When we went to Statehouse, we were asked if we had an appointment. I told the security details my appointment was to gift my cart to the president. He then asked me to head to his(Ruto's) Karen residence," she narrated.

"I went to Karen to wait but to date, I was not granted an appointment. Our main aim of coming was to gift the president, exchange pleasantries and pray together for the win of Kenya Kwanza," she added.

On her part, Eunice pleaded to meet the head of state noting that they have been depending on a good samaritan ever since the inauguration held on Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

While expressing her disappointment, Eunice admitted that the only way they will return home is after meeting their 'son'.

"We travelled for five days, after attending the inauguration we were left exhausted and tired, we met a good samaritan who housed us and helped us,

"We were patient with the president even after he went to the UK to attend the departed monarch's burial ceremony but we have still not met him, we are asking to meet him so that we are able to return home," Eunice added.

Witness Ruto's inauguration

The two made headlines after they trekked from Sugoi to Kasarani to witness the swearing ceremony of President Ruto.

President William Ruto's swearing-in ceremony at Kasarani stadium. PHOTO/Courtesy

At the time of the trip, Evelyn had embarked on a solo trip to witness Ruto's swearing-in ceremony. She recalled that she began her journey to Nairobi on Friday, September 9, 2022, after receiving blessings from her husband and children.

“I told my husband I will go with my cart to Kasarani so that Ruto witnesses that I love him, and know why I decided to come with the cart,” she stated as quoted by a local publication.

Eunice on the other hand had gone to Eldoret for business when she saw Evelyne pulling her handcart and decided to alight and followed her.

"My dream was to see William Samoei Ruto inaugurated at Kasarani," Eunice stated.

The two pulled the handcart branded with United Democratic Alliance (UDA) colours as they headed for Nairobi.

According to the duo, using the cart showed their support for the 'Bottom up' economic policy which Ruto's party United Democratic Alliance (UDA) anchors on.

Among the challenges, they faced were the hot sunny days, the heavy rains and the cold nights they had to sleep beside their cart.

“We used to sleep beside my cart during the night, during the day the sun is hot, sometimes lorries squeeze me,” Evelyn recounted as quoted by a local publication.

When it rained, we went below the cart, water passed inside, but we had hope that we will reach Kasarani despite all the challenges,” she added.

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