Georgina Njenga hints all is not okay days after Baha was exposed

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On Tue, 13 Jun, 2023 18:47 | 2 mins read
Tyler Mbaya and girlfriend during couple shoot. PHOTO/
Baha and girlfriend Georgina. PHOTO/Courtesy

Georgina Njenga and 'Baha' Tyler Mbaya have not been okay for months. Judging from their online activities, many believe the two might have drifted apart after Georgina's alleged ex boyfriend exposed her nudes on social media.

Barely 6 months after the scandal and the couple is back to making headlines on social media for the wrong reasons and just like Georgina's incident, former Machachari actor Baha has not been having it easy.

Power couple Tyler Mbaya with lover, Georgina Njenga. PHOTO/ Georgina Njenga
Tyler Mbaya and girlfriend during couple shoot. PHOTO/Georgina Njenga

This is after he was exposed by one Nurse Judy who accused him of begging money from Kenyans living in the US, only for him to bet it all away.

A few days later, the young man admitted to the spreading rumors but having embarrassed and tainted his image; Tyler decided to check himself into a rehab hoping to beat his betting addiction.

Georgina breaking down

However looking at Georgina's latest post, one can tell the new mother of one is either having a hard time dealing with current stories surrounding her man; or is actually regretting why the story came out, since it also involved members of her house hold.

Georgina Njenga reacts after Tyler's expose. PHOTO/ Courtesy
Georgina Njenga dealing with mixed feelings following Tyler's expose. PHOTO/ Courtesy

Her social media post however comes at a time when many accused her of betraying her baby daddy at a time he needed her the most.

This is following her response to Nurse Judy's direct message where she bluntly distanced herself from Tyler Mbaya's behavior of borrowing money from strangers.

"Hey, I'm not aware of anything of the sort and no we are not being evicted. Do you guys know each other? But he has been having a betting problem but if anything he did not borrow money to help us with anything, probably for him. He didn't even tell me about this and I pay all the bills. I feel so bad that he's using our child to get money and just bet." Georgina Njenga wrote back to Nurse Judy following expose.

Well, looking at her response it's evident , this was written by an angry girlfriend who is probably fed up by her boyfriend's bad habits; however Kenyans online felt her actions were those of a selfish person, judging from how she handled the Baha expose.

But the truth is, chances are that the couple has been dealing with these issues for months and just like they say you see smoke before fire; Baha and Georgina's house has been burning for a while now.