Cash Crop ya Nyandarua ni Maw*ru hitmaker attracts Karen Nyamu’s attention

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On Tue, 13 Jun, 2023 18:40 | 3 mins read
Kaveve Kazoze hitmaker onlooking Karen Nyamu. PHOTO/Courtesy
A photo collage of Cash Crop ya Nyandarua ni Mawaru hitmaker Ngesh and Senator Karen Nyamu. PHOTOs/Courtesy

Senator Karen Nyamu has shown interest in helping Mary Ngesh popularly known by many as Kaveve Kazoze.

The controversial politician via her official Instagram page, shared a lip sync TikTok video of her singing a long to the viral hit Cash Crop ya Nyandarua ni Mawaru.

The mother of two asked fans to tell Ngesh that she (Karen Nyamu) is looking for her (Mary Ngesh)

She observed that Ngesh's talent is the kind to watch out for so it doesn't waste away. She also joked about wanting a collabo with Kaveve.

"Ngesh aambiwe bebe ya kanairo anamtafuta. This is the kind of talent we must not watch as it goes to waste. Ngeshtex ni dem wa ma form na Karenzo ni wakili wa form collabo itaweza sana 😂"

Karen Nyamu's fans flocked in the comment section , some urging her to help the hitmaker while some could not help at make hilarious commentaries.

i.a.m.s.t.e.v.e: Pea ngesh ata 20k anunue stock ya handbags....

wamboshayne: Someone tell her aki, niliona akisema hana simu ilianguaka. Chance ya kuomoka hukuja

wanyama5605: Walai...mhesh support her🔥🔥

rrkamau: My number one reason I elected Kenya kwanza government, hawa mabuda hawana form

game_changer254: Mhesh Samidoh aliamua kurudi nyumbani. Enyewe we ni mkuu❤️❤️❤️

Kaveve Kazoze fame

The rising star made waves on the internet with her funny lyrics, Kaveve Kazoze , unibebe hata mbele kirende, cash crops za Nyandarua ni mawaru in the Rieng Genje hit song.

Rieng Genje by Spider Clan is quite a catchy and energetic tune, however Ngesh steals the show with her funny lyrics which made her the internet sensation she is.

Kaveve Kazoze meaning

In a recent Interview, the internet sensation has explained the meaning of Kaveve Kazoze.

Kaveve Kazoze is a sheng word coined by Ngesh, Kaveve means khat/miraa, also known as jaba. Kazoze is a sheng word that means getting high.

So Kaveve Kazoze simply means getting high on khat. The word got famous after the release of “Rieng Genje” by Spider Clan.

Overally, her part of the song means;

Ni mangware na sidai kukatema ( it is in the morning and I don’t want to spit it)
Ni kajaba si heri tu nikameze (It is khat, better I swallow it)
Pande moja ni kaveve kazoze (One side is full of khat, let me get high on it)
Unibebe hata mbele ya kirende (You carry me even infront of a multitude)
Sitambui wewe maunenge ( I don’t mind, getting hungry)
Mamiwa, maembe na marenge ( Sugarcanes, mangoes and pumpkins)

Ngesh tex ni mdem wa maform (Ngesh Text is a girl who loves to party)
Chain chain ifike hadi kwa Tom (Chain chain till it gets to Tom)
Magalbase wangu ni madotcom (All my girls are dotcom)
Cashcrop za Nyandarua ni mawaru (The cashcrop of Nyandarua is potatoes)

Kaveve Kazoze hawking

Despite their song amassing over 905,000 YouTube views, the viral bad gal returned to her hustle, hawking as seen in a TitTok video.

She shared with fans that her side hustle was selling handbags and has since returned to the hustle.

"One day itajipa#" she wrote.

Kaveve Kazoze with friend hawking in the street. PHOTO/Courtesy
Kaveve Kazoze with friend hawking in the street. PHOTO/Courtesy

Her fans rallied behind her in the comment section and encouraged her to pursue the course and give her best shot while at it.

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