Georgina Njenga on 1-month alcohol detox

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On Sun, 31 Mar, 2024 21:41 | 2 mins read
Digital creator Georgina Njenga. PHOTO/Georgina(@georgina_njenga)/Instagram
Digital creator Georgina Njenga. PHOTO/Georgina(@georgina_njenga)/Instagram

Digital content creator Georgina Njenga has recently joined the list of celebrities who have decided to ditch alcohol in favour of sobriety.

Through her Insta stories, the mother of one shared her journey towards sobriety noting that she has completed one month of alcohol detox.

The mother of one revealed that she is determined to continue her sobriety journey aiming to reach a three-month milestone.

"1 month of alcohol detox and I couldn't be prouder of myself!! Yaani ata Jana which was an easy temptation I still maintained planning to get to 3 months," she wrote.

Celebrities who quit alcohol

Janet Mbugua is one of the notable public figures who ditched the bottle in September 2023.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, the mother of two revealed that she had been alcohol-free for nearly two years, noting that she had no regrets about her choice.

Despite her current stance, Mbugua expressed openness to the possibility of resuming drinking in the future, without placing undue pressure on herself.

Media personality Janet Mbugua quits alcohol. PHOTO/Janet Mbugua(@officiajanetmbugua)/Instagram
Media personality Janet Mbugua quits alcohol. PHOTO/Janet Mbugua(@officiajanetmbugua)/Instagram

She acknowledged the challenges associated with such a decision, highlighting the importance of discipline in maintaining her resolve.

Reflecting on her journey, Mbugua emphasized that every decision comes with its own set of challenges. She shared insights into the difficulty of building discipline and cautioned against tempting those who are striving to abstain from alcohol.

Mbugua urged sensitivity towards individuals on similar paths, advising against offering them drinks or questioning their choices.

Ultimately, Mbugua stressed that her decision to abstain from alcohol was a personal one, not a boastful declaration but rather a commitment she made for herself. She emphasized the sacrifice involved in pursuing her goals and shaping her desired lifestyle.

In November 2023, content creator Murugi Munyi announced her decision to quit drinking after a near-death experience.

Despite initial criticism from some followers, she reiterated her commitment to an alcohol-free lifestyle and urged others to respect her choice.

Similarly, veteran actor Joseph Kinuthia, known as Omosh, shared his struggle with alcoholism and his eventual triumph over it in August 2023.

He attributed his recovery to divine intervention and emphasized the negative impact alcohol had on his life, including violence and loss of control.

In July 2023, Eric Omondi revealed that he had not tasted alcohol for seven years.

Speaking during an interview with a local news outlet, the comedian explained that he quit drinking because getting drunk and misbehaving afterwards affected his image.

According to Eric, taking alcohol made him look older and skinnier.