Janet Mbugua says she’s comfortable attending events that serve alcohol 2 years after quitting the bottle

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On Wed, 1 Nov, 2023 11:07 | 2 mins read
Media Personality Janet Mbugua. PHOTO/Janet Mbugua(@officiajanetmbugua)/Instagram
Media Personality Janet Mbugua. PHOTO/Janet Mbugua(@officiajanetmbugua)/Instagram

Media personality and philanthropist Janet Mbugua, has recently shared insights into her life two months after revealing her nearly two-year journey to sobriety.

In a video on her Instagram page, Mbugua delved into the reasons behind her decision to quit alcohol, emphasizing that advocating for sobriety didn't mean she judged those who consume it.

"If I had a bad day, I'd just have a glass of wine, I'm going out, I'm stressed I'd have some alcohol. Whatever it was, I'd just sort of use it to cope. It didn't become this dangerous pattern but it could have," the former news anchor shared.

One notable aspect of her post-sobriety journey she revealed that she faced judgment for her choice of social circles and events that may serve alcohol.

Mbugua revealed that prior to her revelation, she was unaware of the scrutiny she would face.

"In fact, I’m not sure if I had heard of them. But since I talked about my own journey without alcohol in one of my videos (Choose Your Hard), I’ve gotten questions from many of you about what I’m learning as I go along," she stated.

"Sobriety is having its moment. 'Sober-curious' or 'mindful drinking' are now familiar phrases; Sober October and Dry January are popular trends. However, Sober October and Dry January were not on my list of reasons to stop drinking," Mbugua noted.

Mbugua emphasized that she would continue to attend events, activities, and gatherings that serve alcohol noting that she is comfortable as it doesn't trigger her.

"I will continue to attend events, activities, and get-togethers of colleagues, friends, and family, that serve alcohol."

Mbugua noted that one can still have fun and enjoy social gatherings without the need for alcohol.

Janet Mbugua announces two-year sobriety

Two months ago, Janet Mbugua revealed that she had been sober for nearly two years on her YouTube Channel.

she emphasized that her decision to abstain from alcohol was entirely self-motivated, devoid of external influence or pressure.

"It was something that I felt was the right decision for myself, and it's the kind of thing that I could go back to in a year or ten years or never. I am not putting any pressure on myself," Janet disclosed.

"But what is really interesting is even when you make a decision like that, it can be hard, so you choose your hard. The life I have lived this far, I feel like I have made the decisions where I can compare what life was without that decision and with it," she added.

Janet stressed that her disclosure about abstaining from alcohol was not intended as a boast but rather as a reflection of her personal journey.

"Saying that I do not drink is not a flex, it is just a reality that I had to choose for myself. It is my hard and sacrifice towards a certain goal and towards a certain type of person that you want to be," she expressed.

Furthermore, she urged sensitivity and understanding toward those who have made similar choices.

"Sometimes we desire things that come effortlessly to us. To those who have chosen to quit drinking, please refrain from pressuring them to take a drink. You never know what they had to overcome to make that choice."

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