Angry Kinangop residents storm police station, beat up cattle thief to death

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On Sun, 31 Mar, 2024 19:18 | 2 mins read
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There was drama in Kinangop after a section of residents stormed a police station and drugged out a suspected cattle thief before beating him to death.

The agitated residents decried that the suspect was a notorious thief who caused unrest in the area from the constant theft of cattle.

One of the residents intimated to a local publication that the suspect was arrested last night after he was caught with cattle belonging to a neighbour.

Upon his detention, angry locals visited the police station and demanded his release, however, the officers refused.

The angry residents then stormed the station and dragged out the suspect before descending heavy blows on him.

Hellbent on teaching him a valuable lesson, the residents mercilessly beat up the suspect until he succumbed to his injuries.

"Tumekua tukisumbuliwa sana na wezi wa ng'ombe lakini siku ya leo mwizi siku zake arubaini zikafika, sasa ndio akapatikana na ng'ombe yenye alikua ameiba jana mwenyewe akafanya utafiti wake akapata ni yeye kua amemwibia ng'ombe, ndio akashikwa akapelekwa hapa police station akakuja akafungiwa," the resident said.

"Raia ambao walikua na hasira walikuja wakasema wapewe huyo mwizi na askari lakini askari wakakataa ndio sasa wakachukua sheria mkononi wakakuja huku police station wakamtoa nje wakampiga akakufa," she added.

Loosely translates to:

"We have been having trouble with cattle thieves but today the days of the thief had been numbered. The suspect was caught with stolen cattle belonging to a resident, he was then arrested by police and detained. Later, angry residents stormed the police station demanding the release of the suspect but the officers refused, that's when they decided to take the law into their own hands and dragged out the suspect from custody before beating him to death."

Similar incident

The latest comes days after a section of residents in Kabarnet, Baringo county stormed a police station after a man died moments after being released from custody.

The deceased who was being charged with malicious damage had been released on cash bail moments before his demise.

Agitated residents who stormed the police station demanding answers burnt down OB books and destroyed a police vehicle and a Deputy Commissioner's vehicle.

"Locals claim the police knew what happened to the young man and raided the police station demanding answers. In the process, they burnt down OB bools, destroyed a police vehicle and Deputy Commissioner's vehicle," a source told a local publication.

The body of the deceased was moved to a morgue in Kabarnet.

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