Famous YouTubers Over 25 finally jump on live recording trend

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 7 Nov, 2021 18:34 | < 1 min read
The end: Over 25 drops final episode on YouTube
Over 25 cast members; Jules, Ivy, Shiku and Lorna Gatabaki. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Live recording among content creators has been a thing lately so let’s talk about it.

Over 25 crew made up of four ladies namely Julia Waithera alias Jules, Ivy and Shiku both mothers of two and newlywed Lorna Gatabaki held their first-ever live recording on Saturday, November 6.

The YouTubers have become a household name with their raunchy, risqué and viral sensational topics on the biggest video app.

Their unorthodox approach to sex topics and unconventional relationships resonate with the current generation of 'over 25' women who sought to break out of the 'traditional feminist archetype'

Their Youtube channel samples and layers many voices of women wanting to live the fantasy outside of what is expected of them and so much more around the modern woman.

The group that came to be in 2016 all met in school (Highschool and University specifically USIU) and has been close friends ever since.

Their Youtube channel 'Over 25' has amassed over 11million views in their 136 videos currently up.

The crew joins other creators including 'Mkurugenzi' actor and story-teller Abel Mutua and Njugush among others.