Bahati fires back at Eric Omondi over his sentiments about Kenyan music industry, he swiftly responds

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 7 Nov, 2021 21:27 | 2 mins read
A photo collage of Eric Omondi and Bahati Kenya. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Perhaps to shift focus from his baby mama drama with ex-TV girl Jacque Maribe, Eric Omondi made some controversial comments about the music industry in the country that got artists clapping back.

This weekend he has been the focus of social media backlash as his sentiments about the music industry were deemed 'careless' and set off the entire music community to demand accountability.

Omondi claimed the industry has been dead and has already lost its glory adding that musicians are redundant, predictable and boring.

On Sunday, Bahati joined his fellow artists to defend their industry and to speak his mind equally throwing shade on the self-proclaimed president of comedy.

"Since huyu jamaa afungue ile Brothel yake inaitwa Wife Material amepoteza akili Sana. You think kutoa nguo ni Comedy sasa??? Young man respect our industry!!! Sijui unatembeanga na bouncers wakichunga nini? Your small brother Fred Omondi is making more sense than you in fact I am going to Re-Edit my video #Adhiambo just to remove the Part I put to promote your career!

Lastly, give me a call I give advice on how to respect women coz the clout chasing move you made to the mother of your son Jackie Maribe was só lame; a dead beat dad has no authority to lecture our Music Industry... Infact @EricOmondi umekua mtu bladi Fakin," Bahati wrote.

After being called out by Bahati he swiftly responded to counter Bahati with a lengthy message that reads;

"Lakini Asante ya PUNDA ni MATEKE!!! @bahatikenya wewe ni PUNDA MLIA. After I RESCUED your ass during your Album launch after Ezekiel Mutua alikutoka sasa uko na Kiburi ya kuniongelesha??? Your Album launch would not have happened without me, I sponsored the venue with my hard-earned cash. You BEGGED me to appear in your Song Adhiambo and half of those views is because of me!!! Kwanini hii kitu inawauma sanaa kama si ukweli???

THE TRUTH HURTS, You guys lost the PLOT. Badala ya Kuskiza advise munaleta Kiburi na EGO!!! Wa NAIJA, wa JAMAICA na Wa TZ wame wa overpower!!! STOP THIS NONSENSICAL REPLIES AND HIT THE STUDIO. I meant no Harm but kama hii ndio Direction mnataka bas sasa nita DEAL nanyinyi SCATHINGLY!! NO MERCY!!! LAZIMA MTAAMKA BY FORCE PUGA!!! "