Diana Marua finally addresses beef with Mr Seed’s wife Nimo

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On Mon, 25 Apr, 2022 10:11 | 2 mins read
Diana Marua and Mr Seed's wife Nimo. PHOTO/Courtesy

Content creator and musician Diana Marua has addressed her beef with musician Mr Seed’s wife, Nimo.

Speaking in a recent interview, the rapper acknowledged their indifferences but noted that they were not mature enough to handle issues at the time.

“You’ve seen Mr Seed’s wife, Nimo is here and as I mentioned earlier, people make mistakes and sometimes you don’t have to come and apologize. Life teaches us lessons differently,” Diana said.

Despite their indifferences, Diana clarified that she is on good terms with Nimo.

“I have no beef with her… There’s a time something was going on in my life and she called me and I picked the phone and she said hi and we talked” she said.

Diana and Nimo crossed paths in 2018 during a New Year's party where Diana allegedly mistreated the latter despite being pregnant at the time.

According to reports, Mr Seed’s wife wanted to sell coffee and tea at the event but Diana was not for the idea and wanted to do the business by herself.

However, Nimo refused to back off, insisting on owning the idea of forcing Diana to call to police on her and possibly kick her out.

In an interview in December 2021, the mother of one insisted that she will never forgive Diana, however, noting that she holds no grudge against her.

“Mimi sithani nitasahau Mambo nimefanyiwa na Diana na Bahati . Walinitesa vibaya lakini kila kitu hukuja na sababu

“I will never forgive and forget them. It has been two years now bila kuongeleshana na sidhani nitawai,” Nimo said.

Speaking on the same, Nimo’s husband defended Diana, claiming that Bahati was the one who called the cops on his wife.

Diana na Nimo hawakupatana at any point on December 31 and what I can say is that everything inasemekana that is the truth. Diana hakutumana, orders zilikuwa zinatoka kwake Bahati,” Mr Seed said.

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