‘Culture’ Nazizi disclosed why she is expanding her earlobes

By Naomi Njoroge On Wed, 28 Apr, 2021 20:53 | < 1 min read

Singer Nazizi shared with her fans noting that she is extending her earlobes for culture.

In a long Instagram caption, Nazizi wrote; “So many people have asked me why I’m Expanding my ears. My answer CULTURE. My grandmother and my great grandma Nazizi had theirs ears expanded traditionally. “

She said this while she shared a glimpse of the origin of her name. Kenyan singer wrote that she has struggled with her identity and does not feel like she fits anywhere.

The roots daughter as she called herself whose father is half Indian and half Tanzanian noted that she has always sought to connect with all the cultures she comes from.

She gave the meaning of her name Nazizi stating that “..the literal meaning of my name is Na ( firstborn daughter of..) zizi ( root in Kiswahili) . Hence I am the firstborn daughter of root. That’s why I’m super proud to be the ROOTS DAUGHTER.”

Nazizi stated that she is so proud that her parents gave her an African name and promised to share the story on her double nose piercing soon.

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