Cartoon Comedian opens up on harrowing break up experience

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On Sat, 24 Sep, 2022 14:02 | 2 mins read
Content creator Cartoon Comedian PHOTO/cartoon.comedian/Instagram

Popular content creator Cartoon Comedian is dealing with a heartbreak after a break up with her boyfriend.

The comedian shared details of the same in an update on her social media platforms.

Short break to heal

In a statement that she shared on her Instagram page, Cartoon noted that she thought she was hardcore until she experienced the break up.

Albeit not sharing much details on the break up scenario, the comic noted she will take a short break to heal.

"I've been hurting kidogo, after my love breakup scenario. I thought I'm a Taliban, kumbe mi ni baby girl. I'll be back after nimepona,” Cartoon shared.

The statement sparked reactions from fans who sympathized with her and encouraged her.

Cartoon Comedian vs Diana Marua

In a separate story, the comic made a post online where she alleged that content creator Diana Marua was going after her.

In the post that sparked wild reactions, Cartoon Comedian claimed that her life was in danger and asked fans to pray for her.

She claimed that Diana, however, not mentioning her name, organized goons to attack her.

“The other day I said someone has no talent. Now they sent people to attack me. She would have called me I help her write lines for the song. It's a hidden talent that I have,” Cartoon Comedian wrote.

Cartoon Comedian
Content creator Cartoon Comedian PHOTO/@cartoon.comedian/Instagram

Cartoon Comedian Saudi Arabia joke

A while ago, the comedian was on the receiving end after releasing a comedy skit on Kenyans who are mistreated in Gulf countries.

In the video that was later deleted, Cartoon acted like a domestic worker stranded in Saudi Arabia and being mistreated by her employer. 

“I’m Matilda, in gulf Saudi Arabia we are suffering washing snakes and tortoises. They took my passport saying my contract is for 2 years but it is 10. There is no food in the fridge, you can see," Cartoon said in the video.

Her fellow casts also expressed how they are suffering in the Middle East. 
This video did not settle well with fans, who accused Cartoon of being insensitive to Kenyans who go to Saudi Arabia to make ends meet. 

This prompted her to delete the video and apologize.

Cartoon Comedian PHOTO/@cartoon.comedian/Instagram