Cartoon comedian asks fans to pray for her, says Diana Marua is after her

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 8 Feb, 2022 09:07 | < 1 min read
A photo collage of content creator Cartoon Comedian and upcoming rapper Diana B. PHOTO/COURTESY

Churchill show comedian and popular content creator Cartoon Comedian is alleging that her life is in danger and has now asked fans to pray for her.

Cartoon took to her Instagram to allege that a certain artiste had sent goons to attack her.

According to her, the attack was organized by someone she opined lacked talent after releasing a new project. In the video, she is heard claiming that just because she called out the artiste that doesn't guarantee her to be attacked.

"The other day I said someone has no talent. Now they sent people to attack me," she cried.

The hilarious content creator says she was attacked by three men 'walikuja hadi mubaba' and further added that artistes should stop being petty.

"She would have called me I help her write lines for the song. It's a hidden talent that I have," she claimed.

She says the goons attacked her with a torch but thanks to makeup "I'm healing If they came with guns I'd be very shaken."

Later, Cartoon disclosed that her attackers had been sent by content creator-cum-rapper Diana Marua.

Sharing a Whatsapp conversation, the chat shows an unidentified person issuing threats to her but she defends herself claiming she has a right to speak her truth.

"Tuheshimiane! If you don't take down that post within 24 hours we will have a serious problem," part of the conversation read.