Carol Sonnie strips her daughter of Mulamwah’s surname

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On Thu, 30 Nov, 2023 21:16 | 2 mins read
Mulamwah, Carol Sonnie and their daughter. PHOTOS/Instagram (@mulamwah, @carrol_muthoni)

Carol Sonnie has changed her daughter's surname as her relationship with baby daddy David Oyando alias Mulamwah seems to be irredeemably damaged.

The mother of one changed her daughter's name from Keilah Oyando to Keilah Khloe Wangoi Muthoni after dropping Mulamwah's surname name.

Sonnie revealed her daughter's name change while replying to questions from her fans in a video she posted online.

"Keilah anaitwa aje apart from Keilah Khloe ama zote ni English names?" Carol Sonnie read a question from a fan.

"No zote si English names anaitwa Keilah… Please make sure, blogs kujeni hapa karibuni, screenshot this. Keilah is called Keilah Khloe Wangoi Muthoni. Thank you very much for that question," she answered.

Carol Sonnie further disclosed that she is currently dating, noting that she hasn't unmasked her boyfriend yet because he is camera shy.

"Show us your mpoa (boyfriend)," she read a comment from a fan.

"Mpoa wangu anakuanga tu hapa each and every time ni venye tu hataki kuonekana kwa camera but let me tell you the day I will decided to introduce my mpoa, mhhh dunia itasimama wacha venye munasema hapa ruracio sijui nini nini. Yetu itasimamisha dunia," Carol Sonnie explained.

The mother of one refused answer or simply downplayed questions about her baby daddy Mulamwah.

How is it raising a kid alone, do your parents help you?" Sonnie read a question posed by a fan.

"That's a very good question. Raising a kid alone is not easy na hii economy ya Zakayo. Let me tell you things are not easy but move regardless. Do my parents help me? 100 per cent actually if there are people that I actually appreciate in this whole life of Keilah is my parents. Mom and dad I know you guys are watching I love you so much thank you for stepping in for Kyla, nawapenda sana," she answered.

"How is co-parenting taking you?" She read a question from a fan.

"Co-parenting with who? With who?" She answered.

"Imagine mtoto wako amekataliwa na sura ni ya babake," a fan observed.

"Sips drinks, what do you do. You keep moving anyway," Carol Sonnie answered.

"What is your relationship with your baby daddy, does he support ama ni deadbeat father?" Sonnie read out a question from a fan.

"Mhhh (clears throat)" she answered.

Mulamwah blocked

In October 2023, Mulamwah claimed Carol Sonnie had blocked him from supporting his daughter.

he father of one was responding to a fan who was curious about his involvement in his child's life.

"Do you support your child Keila?" a fan asked to which he responded saying;

"I try to support but ni hard. Unatuma pesa zinarevasiwa... ata birthday nimetuma gift ikarudisha so inakua tricky sana. Sijui shida wapi jameni."

Carol seemingly confirmed the allegations and defended herself in a subtle clapback.

Mulamwah and his baby mama Caroline Muthoni alias Carol Sonnie have been embroiled in child support drama since their daughter was born in September 2021.

The two publicly announced their breakup in December 2021.

The comedian revealed he broke up with Sonnie when she was just three months pregnant but chose to wait until the birth of their child to make the breakup public.

The two were blessed with a baby Keilah Oyando in September 2021, by that time they had already broken up.

Both Mulamwah and Sonnie moved on and started dating again months after their breakup.

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