‘Miraa na jaba is not Aluta’ – Karen Nyamu defends herself as Kenyans dig up dirt on her

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On Thu, 30 Nov, 2023 20:01 | 2 mins read
Karen Nyamu chewing miraa (left) and when she was seen smoking in public (right). PHOTOS/Facebook/karenzo047,X (@wanjalafred)

Karen Nyamu picked up a fight with Nairobi party animals as she endeavours to put a stop to the Aluta wild partying.

Aluta is the kind of partying in nightclubs that starts at dusk on Thursdays and goes all the way to Monday dawn.

UDA-nominated senator on Thursday, November 30, 2023, officially tabled her motion in Senate to ban Aluta.

Aluta fanatics however are not giving up their leisure pursuits without giving Karen Nyamu a fight.

Netizens have been digging up dirt on the nominated senator in a bid to prove she has been indulging in the same activities she is trying to ban.

Karen Nyamu reacted to an old photo of herself chewing khat in the company of men after the picture was widely circulated online.

In her mitigation, the mother of three explained that chewing miraa and jaba was not Aluta.

"Aluta nimepiga by the way huwezi ongelelea kitu hujui. Hii si picha ya aluta ni picha ya kushikisha. Miraa na jaba is not aluta," Karen Nyamu wrote.

The UDA-nominated senator herself shared the photo early this year.

In the photo, Karen Nyamu was seen sandwiched between a group of men as she chewed the stimulant drug.

Rocking hip hop designed cap, a black top and blue jeans, Nyamu was seen holding in her left hand a bundle of miraa while the right hand helps the teeth to tear out the content from the Jaba stem.

Karen Nyamu chewing miraa. PHOTO/Facebook/karenzo047.

Netizens also dug up old photos of Karen Nyamu smoking what appeared to be weed.

The photos were originally taken in August 2019 when Nyamu was seen smoking a joint at Umeme Grounds in Nairobi’s Ziwani area during the finals of the annual Koth Biro football tournament that she had partly sponsored.

Apart from the smoking and miraa chewing, netizens also pointed out the December 2022 drama in Dubai.

Karen Nyamu was embroiled in a vicious catfight with estranged Samidoh's wife Edday Nderitu at a club in Dubai on December 17, 2022.

Videos of the altercation went viral on social media and Nyamu later came out to address the fight.

In a live video on Facebook, the UDA-nominated senator said that it was a moment of weakness and blamed alcohol for her behaviour.

"Unaamka na mtu alafu jioni drama. Mniombee juu staki drama 2023. Wenye wanasema nilichoma ni juu ya pombe. I was having fun on stage but next year nitaacha, lakini siachi Samidoh, kitu nitaacha ni pombe na drama. Lazima tulee watoto,"(I was drunk last night but come 2023, I'll stop drinking and causing drama but I can't dump Samidoh, we have kids to raise)," Nyamu stated.

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