‘Tunapendanga machali wananuka jasho’ -Awinja, Wilbroda confess they love men who have sweaty smell

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On Thu, 21 Mar, 2024 13:37 | 2 mins read
Wilbroda and Awinja. PHOTO/Instagram (@jackyvike)

Actresses Jacquey Nyaminde aka Wilbroda and Jacky Vike aka Awinja have opened up about their fetish for men with particular body odour.

Speaking during an interview with the YouTube channel SPM Buzz, the two actresses made it clear that they are very much single.

"Nataka kusema mimi na rafiki yangu hapa hatuko kwa ndoa, ok? Hatuko kwa ndoa tuko single," Wilbroda said.

The two BFFs additionally confessed that they love men who have a sweaty smell brought about by sheer hard work.

"So wacha nkuambie, mi na Nyaminde tunakuanda na shida moja. Tunapendanga machali wananuka ile jasho ya hard work," Awinja confessed.

"Baaaaas," Wilbroda agreed with Awinja, signalling that she had hit the point right on.

Awinja further explained that the sweaty smell that make them go gaga was not one brought about by poor hygiene.

"Kunakuanga na kajasho fulani yani it is your natural scent, sio jasho ya uchafu," Awinja expounded.

Wilbroda admitted that she could even invite a random boda boda rider into her house if he has the smell that makes her tick.

"Mi kwanza kuna kaharufu kengine nishakuambia ya wasee wa boda. Kuna ile inanukanga vibaya lakini kuna hio hio unasema ya hardwork like alioga lakini he has been working hard the whole day.

"So yani ukiwa kwa msee wa boda alafu alafu umemshika unaskia kumuuliza 'unaenda side gani si ukinidrop home si ata uingie at least ata ukunywe glass ya maji, you know," Wilbroda said.

Awinja noted that the icing on the cake is when the boda boda rider with a sweaty smell is clad in a vest or a reflector jacket.

"Sasa unaweza tu imagine amevaa vest yake ama reflector yake ama whatever it is that he is wearing," Awinja quipped.

Failed relationships

Both Awinja and Wilbroda are single mothers with each of them just having just one child only.

Not much is known about Awinja's love life even though she has romantically been linked with comedian Cyprian Osoro.

Last year, Awinja and Osoro tricked people that they had gotten married in a traditional wedding but it later turned out that their wedding was fake and was only meant to promote their upcoming YouTube show that was to be aired on her social media account.

Wilbroda was married but her marriage hit rock bottom and she separated from her husband.

In a 2021 interview, the mother of one blamed relatives for her failed marriage.

Wilbroda regretted that she contributed to her marriage crumbling by constantly inviting her relatives over to her house.

"I also contributed to the breakup. I think one thing that contributed to our breakup was that I was with my relatives all the time. My sisters were always at my house, I didn't see a big deal with it until later on after we broke up, he mentioned it to his friend," she said.

"I didn't see that. Looking at it now I am like, I contributed to their coming. I went overboard. I enjoyed their company but it cost me," she added.

Further, Wilbroda noted that she no longer entertains visitors in her house anymore to preserve her personal space.

"I no longer entertain visitors even my relatives. People need their personal space," she said.

In the same interview, Wilbroda also opened up about pregnancy loss experienced during Mother's Day years earlier.

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