West Pokot County

Nyeri: Former KDF soldier linked to murder of 2 night guards
Cop manning exams container slaps OCS for questioning his failure to report on duty

By | 11 months ago

A junior officer who was assigned to guard a school exams container at Lomut Police station in Pokot Central, West Pokot county assaulted his Officer ...

Couple arrested for allegedly subjecting their 6 months old to FGM
West Pokot residents grateful to Ugandan govt for arresting circumcised girls from Kenya in fight against FGM

By | 1 year ago

Residents in West Pokot are celebrating the milestone authorities in the region have taken to mitigate the rise of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) pra...

Trans Nzoia: 21-year-old girl brutally murdered
Body of missing three-year-old child found dumped in parents’ compound

By | 1 year ago

The body of a three-year-old child who had gone missing was found dumped by unknown people within the compound of his parent’s homestead at Math...

Mixed reactions as ‘dead’ Pokot man appears during planning of his funeral

By | 1 year ago

Residents of Kongelai in West Pokot took their heels in fear and shock when a man they thought was dead resurfaced during the planning of his funeral....

Trans Nzoia: 21-year-old girl brutally murdered
Shock in Kapenguria as man walks into his own funeral

By | 1 year ago

Residents of Kongelai in Kapenguria, West Pokot county were left shocked after a local whom they thought dead resurfaced in his own funeral. According...

‘Kwara Kwara’ – Popular Pokot dance banned for increasing sexual appetite among youth

By | 1 year ago

The national government has banned a local dance by the name of Kwara Kwara in Kacheliba sub-county West Pokot county which is blamed for increased ca...

Property worth over Ksh2.4M destroyed in school fire in West Pokot

By | 1 year ago

Property worth over Ksh2.4 million was burnt down after two solar batteries exploded at Kutung primary school in Serewo, West Pokot County. The fire b...

West Pokot: One man, two KCPE candidates die after drowning in pond

By | 1 year ago

Three people including two pupils have lost their lives after drowning in a water pond in Chewoyet village, Kapenguria Township, West Pokot County. Ac...

West Pokot: Anti-FGM crusaders decry increase of cases as residents force their way into practice

By | 1 year ago

There is an upsurge of female genital mutilation cases in West Pokot with the advent of Covid 19 worsening the situation. According to stakeholders fi...

Kilgoris: School function turns chaotic as students attack teacher, destroy property
Armed men invade West Pokot police camp, injure four officers

By | 1 year ago

Four police officers from West Pokot are nursing injuries after raiders stormed Makena Operation Camp inside Laikipia Nature Conservancy. In a stateme...

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