Marya Okoth

Comedian YY and his wife Marya Okoth. PHOTO/@marya_okoth/Instagram
‘Hutanipata nikizurura’ – C*median YY’s wife Marya Okoth opens up on motherhood

By | 3 months ago

C*median YY’s wife Marya Okoth has opened up about her blissful experience of motherhood and being a family w***n. Speaking to a local blog, Mar...

Comedian YY with his baby mama Marya Okoth. PHOTO/Instagram
C*median YY’s girlfriend left paralysed due to b***d clot

By | 2 years ago

Churchi*l Show c*median YY’s baby mama Marya Okoth has revealed her recent medical condition that left her paralysed on her left leg. Taking to soci...

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