‘Hutanipata nikizurura’ – Comedian YY’s wife Marya Okoth opens up on motherhood

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Comedian YY and his wife Marya Okoth. PHOTO/@marya_okoth/Instagram
Comedian YY and his wife Marya Okoth. PHOTO/@marya_okoth/Instagram

Comedian YY's wife Marya Okoth has opened up about her blissful experience of motherhood and being a family woman.

Speaking to a local blog, Marya expressed her pride in being a mother noting that the whole experience has given her purpose and a sense of direction.

"I love the process, every [moment] is a different feeling. I keep falling in love with my baby, with motherhood, with being a family person. Nimegrow," Marya expressed.

"I find purpose in my daughter. That is the reason why people even recognize my work. It has given purpose and a sense of direction hata hutanipata nikizurura," the actress shared.

Hubby made me a star - Marya

In a previous interview, Marya gave credit to her husband, comedian YY, for helping her become successful.

She said that YY is her main source of support in all aspects of her life.

After winning the Most Influential Actress award, Marya expressed her gratitude towards her husband, YY, praising him for his role in her achievements.

"Oliver, as I call him, has taken me from watu hawanijui to where I am today, it's his work, Oliver amenifunza the commercial bit about the business, amenifundisha kuongelesha clients, amenifunza hadi kucreate content yangu," she said.


"When we started yeye ndio alikuwa ananipea idea then I acted it out hadi nilikuwa nafeel I'll do that forever cause I used to tell him I'm not good at creating and coming up with ideas but amenifikisha point I now have my own wings I can fly on my own and I don't take that for granted."

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