Dear Betty Kyallo, here is why men ‘eat’ but won’t commit

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On Sat, 15 Jan, 2022 19:22 | 4 mins read
Former TV presenter Betty Kyallo. PHOTO/COURTESY

Her Instagram bio cuts that of a decorous figure; God's Child, Proud Mum, Journalist, Celebrated Media Personality.

Thumbing her feed gets you fed on an optic junk of mostly nude limbs, barely covered bosom and an aura of debauchery carefully coated with a dashing smile and a deceiving sense of vulnerability.

Her latest photo in a red bikini went viral last week but to her credit, it was real.  

No filters; just mournful tits, breadbasket lodged around her tummy, zilch airbrushing, nada make-up, hair scraped back in braids- basically, a picture of how Ms. Betty Kyallo actually looks.

It might have elicited more frowns than felicitations but it did espouse what American rapper Kendrick Lamar meant in his lyrics when he said,- ‘show me something real like some a** with stretch marks’- especially on an App inundated with photos of heavily enhanced, carefully-staged glamour publicity photos, replete with waistlines significantly defined, dramatic curves and impossibly supple skin.

Before she was an influencer; before she became this Ngara bend-over version of Jennifer Lopez who has left Hollywood befuddled by the trail of lovers in her wake, Betty was an outstandingly pleasant young damsel who wowed us with her pizzazz and had hundreds of thousands transfixed on their couch, imbibing on her broadcast wherewithal.

She made even the most depressing news items bearable. Men and women alike ogled at this Kamba babe who could disarm even a Junta army with her side-jawed grin and twinkle in her eyes.

And when she got married to a revered colleague in the craft, she earned the admiration and respect of critics and fans alike. But before we could finish laying saliva on the envelopes of goodwill, the union caved in like a snow-castle washed away by the waves of infidelity, mistrust and accusations of cult-like religious dispositions.

Worth noting is that while Betty sang like a canary, gracing the glossy covers of Magazines while issuing exclusive insights on the fate of her union, poor ex-hubby remained tight-lipped like the sage that he is, not once did he attempt to self-exculpate himself, rather- allowing chance and time to be the jury.

Six years later, the muddled ex who had to endure flaying aspersions, judgment and watched helplessly as his purported flaws as a man were used as grist for the mill is now a settled husband and a decorated investigative scribe while Betty’s failed romances remain fodder for blogs.

Who’s laughing now? While her ex-husband is now a family man, Ms. Kyallo has been moving from one ‘high profile’ (tongue in cheek) rendezvous to another, the latest being with one bearded litigator who was allegedly philandering with her friends over the festive season while she was hustling in Nakuru.

He is just the latest statistic added to the list that includes a flamboyant Coast politician, Somali Bae and I dare say, etc. See, BK is fairly easy on the eyes, she might not be the sharpest arrow in the quiver but she is no dunderhead, is independent and would be a good catch. But why are the blokes not committing?

Feminism mentality: You see; Oprah Winfrey is a billionaire but has been with Stedman for eons. She might be powerful on the screens, but she is submissive to her man, despite her money and status. She is decent and homely. Ever seen her thighs and boobs all over Insta? Yes? No decent alpha male worth his salt takes seriously a woman who is all over. Show me one woman whose nudity is all over the net who has a respectable, well suckled African man by her side. When you carry yourself like a hawker, they will pay for the goods and move. Even Verah Sidika toned down when she settled with Mauzo.

Michelle Obama is a Harvard educated lawyer; but we see a demure yet maddeningly brilliant homely woman who epitomized family values and has been supportive to her man. It has never taken away from her and is even more popular than her hubby.

This, ‘mwanamme ataniambia nini, I can do whatever I want because I have a few zeros in my account’ mentality will see you end up a miserable cougar who will be raiding cradles for satisfaction in her 50s and 60s. Tulia upangwe.

Choice of Men: Kyallo is inured to the flamboyant, easy life kind of blokes. The type who flaunt sartorial taste, and turn up every weekend while inebriated on age-old liquor with a bevvy of tarts to boot. Reality is, men often have very little to lose. They have no walls that sag, no biological clock to worry about and body count does not exist in their vocabulary. Compete with them at your own detriment

Life of fame: The now demised Prince Charles once poignantly advised, ‘Don't court popularity. It doesn't last. Remember that the attention comes because of the position you are privileged to hold, not because of who you are.’ Betty Kyallo ought to ask herself, who is she without social media. Who is she living for, herself or the need to please the millions of followers? Is she being true to herself?

In the end, nobody's perfect, not even so-called celebrities. They too are humans with flaws. But to be more than a social media caricature, your intentions have to be invariably honourable, and always strive to do the right thing.

I long for the day women in the public limelight will reconcile with the fact that authenticity is the most appealing quality. And that is something we should all, celebrity or not, strive to be.

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