Garden ornament turns out to be live explosive

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On Tue, 5 Dec, 2023 01:13 | < 1 min read
Garden Ornament. PHOTO/Print
Garden Ornament. PHOTO/Print

A couple who kept an unexploded missile as a garden ornament for decades were ready to “go out with our home and everything in it” after a bomb disposal unit told them it needed to be detonated.

Jeffrey and Sian Edwards had kept the 19th-century relic outside their home after moving in back in 1982.
Edwards, who has lived in the same street in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, for 74 years, said he was told by the property’s original occupants it had been there for more than a century.

But he was forced to bid an emotional farewell to the old armament this week after police knocked on the door on Wednesday evening and said it would need to be investigated by the Ministry of Defence.

Later that night he got the call to say a bomb squad would arrive the next day - and the street could be evacuated.

“We did not sleep a wink that night,” the 77-year-old said. “We have lived in this house for 41 years, have known it all these years, and I told the bomb squad ‘if you evacuate the street the wife and I are not leaving our home—we’re staying here’.”
‘We’ll go out with our home’

Edwards had long assumed the bomb had no charge, and thought it was a dummy missile used during navy training exercises before the First World War. The bomb was detonated at a disused quarry nearby on Thursday night.

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