Why Kiss FM presenter Andrew Kibe could be arrested in a week’s time

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On Wed, 25 Sep, 2019 15:19 | < 1 min read
Andrew Kibe. PHOTO/File
Andrew Kibe. PHOTO/File
Andrew Kibe allegedly owes his friend, Joshua Weru, Ksh2.5 million. [PHOTO | FILE]

Kiss FM radio presenter Andrew Kibe was on Wednesday morning arraigned for debt evasion.

Andrew Kibe allegedly owes his friend, Joshua Weru, Ksh2.5 million.

On February 28, 2012, Kibe had borrowed Weru Ksh215, 000 under the agreement that he [Kibe] would refund him the money after 18 days with an interest of Ksh55, 000.

“Failure to complete the contractual obligation by 28/02/2012, [the debt] incurs an additional penalty of 7.5 percent in the above-mentioned interest for every four days exceeded from the disclaimer date,” read a part of the agreement Kibe signed with Weru.

The 18 days -- from February 28, 2012 -- elapsed, then months, and, thereafter, years… Andrew Kibe is yet to refund Weru his money, the court was told.

In June 2018, Weru went to court and sued Kibe. The court calculated the accrued interest over the seven years, and settled on Ksh2.5 million as the money Kibe should pay Weru. Over one year later, the radio presenter is yet to honour that order.

And, on Wednesday, September 25, when he was arraigned before Employment and Labour Relations Court judge Onesmus Makau, Andrew Kibe was ordered to pay Weru at least Ksh500, 000 by end of business (5pm) on Thursday, October 3. Should he fail to honour that directive, the radio host will be arrested and detained, the court said.

Weru, through his lawyer, asked Justice Onesmus Makau to order the defendant to pay him the Ksh2.5 million in full, and that Kibe foots the cost of the lawsuit.

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