Thugs kill Security Chairman by stabbing him several times in Dandora for ‘spying’

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On Mon, 19 Jul, 2021 17:37 | < 1 min read
Knife used to stab Dandora Security chairman. PHOTO/VICTOR MOGOA

Nelson Odongo a 28-year-old chairman of security in Mutheki court in Dandora phase 4 was murdered by a group of thugs in Dandora near the dumpsite, police have confirmed.

Nelson who is also a Benga musician was allegedly coming back from a club in Lucky Summer area last night when thugs pounced on him, stabbed him twelve times all over the body to death.

The unknown number of thugs said that they have information Nelson was the one who was giving information to the police as he was the chairman for security within the area. This is according to three colleagues who were in the company of Nelson from the club.  

“We know you’ve been spying on us,” the thugs warned Nelson, as reported by his three friends who escaped.

Residents who were angered kept the body the whole night as they waited for the daylight to march with the body to police station.

Residents say nelson was of great help to the community as he had started persuading youths to stop crime and started community projects.

They say in less than two months, they have lost over four people in the area.

They now demand a police station at the boundary between Gitari Maringo and the dumpsite passing through Lucky Summer where they say insecurity cases are on the rise.

The police later in the day gunned down the gang leader identified as Rooney who was found with a sword and a homemade gun.

The criminal who realized he was being trailed jumped inside a steel structure company to try to escape but police caught up with him.

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