Thugs break into kids’ room and order the girls to go call their parents; a bishop & his wife. What follows is horrific

By Elijah Cherutich On Sat, 1 Feb, 2020 15:30 | 2 mins read
The victim died while being taken to the nearby Iguhu Hospital. [PHOTO | FILE]
The victim died while being taken to the nearby Iguhu Hospital. [PHOTO | FILE]
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    Bishop Paul Gitonga was hacked in the head and arm, whereas his wife, Eunice, was hit in the head with a metallic rod.

A Nakuru-based bishop and his wife have been hospitalised at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital – Nakuru branch, after they were attacked and severely injured by two male thugs on Saturday 1am.

Bishop Paul Gitonga of Voice of Gospel Church in Molo and his spouse, Eunice Gitonga, were attacked using a panga and blunt object respectively. Paul was hacked in the head and arm, whereas Eunice was hit in the head with a metallic rod.

According to Eunice’s brother, Simon Munene, the thugs gained access to the room of the couple’s children — two teenage girls — after breaking the window at Gitonga’s Milimani Estate home in Molo.

“They ordered the girls — who are high school students — to go and bring their parents, particularly Bishop Gitonga. When my brother-in-law went to the children’s room, the thugs ordered he gives them money that he had kept in the house. The bishop said he never stored cash in the house. It was at that point that the criminals brandished a panga and hacked Gitonga in the head and arms. His wife, who had rushed to the room to find out what was happening, was bludgeoned in the head using a blunt object” Simon Munene told K24 Digital.

The girls, however, managed to escape when the thugs were attacking their parents, Munene said.

When neighbours, who had been informed of the incident, arrived at the scene, they found the thugs had already escaped.

Bishop Gitonga and his wife, who were unconscious at the time, were taken to Nairobi Women’s Hospital, where they are receiving treatment.

Milimani Estate resident, Njoroge Mwangi, told K24 Digital that security has been deteriorating in the area, with several home burglaries reported in the recent past.

Mwangi urged security officers in Molo to increase evening patrols to avert attacks similar to that meted out on Gitonga and his spouse.

“Some residents have been forced to move to other neighbourhoods due to fear of being attacked, or even killed by gangsters,” said Mwangi.

Molo Deputy County Commissioner, David Wanyonyi, confirmed the incident, saying police are looking for the two suspects, who escaped on foot.

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