Stress in Embu as two families search for missing Class Eight and Form Four school boys

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 18 Sep, 2021 16:21 | 2 mins read
From left to right. David Muriuki and Wilson Mutua.PHOTO/COURTESY.

Agony and panic has hit two families in Embu after two schoolboys went missing mysteriously.

The two boys are candidates of KCSE and KCPE in Embu county. Wilson Mutua,19, is a form four candidate at St. Moore Nguviu Boys High School while David Muriuki 14, is a class eight candidate at St. Joseph of Tarbes Primary School.

Wilson's family says he went missing while in school about two weeks ago and his whereabouts are still unknown. He is said to have disagreed with two of his schoolmates after allegedly stealing a set book and a calculator.

Speaking to K24 Digital, Wilson's family accused the school administration for what they termed as laxity and ignorance in search for the missing student.

''When we ask the school administration on the progress of the search for our son we are taken in circles and given threats that if we continue asking questions the school administration will leave the matter completely in the hands of the family to follow up,'' Antony Mutunga a cousin of the missing form four student said.

His mother, Ruth Kanini, said she was informed of her son’s disappearance when the headteacher called to find out if he had arrived home.

Wilson's family says it has since embarked on a search for their son in mortuaries should he have been killed by any chance.

The matter has been reported at Kibugu Police Station and signals sent to all police stations within Embu.

In the second case, the class eight boy, 14-year-old David Muriuki is said to have gone missing on Thursday 16 September.

According to the family, Muriuki was supposed to go back to school after the school midterm. The form four student is said to have left home at 10 am in the morning and went to a nearby market, less than a kilometer from home to have his shoe repaired in readiness for back to school in the afternoon but he did not come back.

His father Benson Mureithi said after realising that the boy did not return he went to the shoemaker who informed him that he made the shoe for the boy who immediately left.

Mureithi the father of two says he has not yet lost hope and urges whoever might have information on the whereabouts of his son to inform him or report to a nearby police station.

“Life has become a nightmare for me and many are the times I look towards the gate hoping that I will see him coming back home,” the father said, noting that he had no history of disappearance and neither did they have a disagreement prior to his disappearance.

Area Sub-chief Nelson Kariuki said they have tried all possible avenues to trace him including making announcements on local radios as well as circulating his photo on social media to no avail.

“We are asking anybody who may come across this missing boy to report to the nearest police station,” the administrator appealed.Stress in Embu as two families search for missing class eight and form four school boys