Omosh’s prayers answered as Singer B Classic buys him camera and tripod

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 26 Jun, 2021 12:43 | 2 mins read
Singer B Classic buys Omosh Camera. PHOTO: Courtesy

Popular singer Dennis Manja popularly known by his stage name as B Classic or 006 has finally granted former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh his wish of owning a camera and tripod.

In video footage that B Classic shared on his Instagram page, the singer said he has decided to buy Omosh the items he requested to settle the matter once and for all.

“Nimeona watu wanamuattack Omosh pale mtandaoni. Sisi kama binadamu tufaaa kupeana second chances. Nimeamua kumpea hii camera, mic na tripod nimebuy hapa. Mimi kama mimi mwenye napenda kazi zake najua atajisupport kwa deals zake (I have seen several people attacking Omosh on social media. As humans, we believe in second chances. I have decided to buy him this camera here, a mic and a tripod. As a person who loves his works I hope he will sort himself out with these items),”  he said.

B Classic added that he believes in giving someone tools that will enable him to eke out a living and further requested Omosh to look out for him so that he can hand over the equipment.

His kind gesture comes hours after Omosh broke his silence after he went viral on social media for begging yet again despite having received thousands of shillings a few months ago.

In a short video clip that has been shared on social media, Omosh expressed his utter shock for going viral on the social media saying he still grateful to Kenyans for helping him out.

“Manze sinatrend, nimetoka interview ingine natrend kuruka. Kwani majama shida iko wapi? Mlicome through mkaniokolea keja ndio hii inasimama. Manze thanks a lot kwa kitu mlinifanyia( I am shocked to learn that I am trending after my earlier interview. What is the problem surely? I am still grateful that you all came through and helped that I even have a house. Thanks a lot for what you did for me),” he said.

The actor further clarified that he used money donated to him appropriately by settling his huge debts and paying school fees for his kids.

“Kitu inaniwasha ni mnaniuliza mahali nilipeleka pesa. Nilikua na mashida mingi sana lakini bado mashida haziishangi. Ndo maana nilikua nakusho kama unajisikia, si ati nilikua nalazimisha. I thank you sana juu mlinisort sana(What pains me is the fact that I am being queried where I took the cash you donated. I want to state clearly that I had huge debts. That is why I said if you wish you give me something, I was not forcing anyone. I thank you a lot because you helped me big),” he added.

His response came after his interview in a local TV angered a section of Kenyan who accused him of misusing the amount they donated to him.

In his interview, Omosh asked for help saying most people who pledged to donate did not fulfil their promises.