NTSA to take action against reckless matatu driver

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On Mon, 1 Apr, 2024 15:32 | 3 mins read
A reckless matatu driver engaging in dangerous antics on the road. PHOTO/Screengrab by K24 Digital
A reckless matatu driver engaging in dangerous antics on the road. PHOTO/Screengrab by K24 Digital

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has promised to take action following the emergence of footage capturing a reckless matatu driver engaging in dangerous antics on the road.

In a statement on Monday, April 1, NTSA said the incident, which fellow motorists recorded, sparked outrage and concern over the safety of passengers and other motorists.

NTSA condemned the behaviour exhibited by the matatu driver, who was recorded performing erratic actions while passengers cheered on.

The one-minute video showed the driver blocking other vehicles as he struggled to maintain control.

"This is unacceptable behaviour! This is irresponsible and reckless. In a split second, a catastrophic incident could occur as a result of such behaviour. The driver risked his life, that of his passengers, and other road users," NTSA declared.

The authority highlighted the grave dangers posed by such reckless driving noting the potential for life-threatening accidents.

NTSA further emphasized that passengers who cheer on reckless behaviour are also putting their lives in jeopardy.

"Passengers cheering on reckless drivers endanger their own lives. We will take action against the crew of this vehicle," NTSA said.

Earlier, the road authority took action against Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) found flouting regulations and endangering passengers' lives.

The crackdown uncovered several violations, exposing the alarming disregard for safety protocols by certain PSV operators.

Among the infractions discovered, was the discovery of a PSV operated by a driver with an expired driver's license and lacking the essential PSV badge.

The matatu owned by BestLine Sacco had a faulty offside door, which NTSA says does not permanently lock, which presents a hazard for passengers.

Additionally, the NTSA inspectors identified a conductor from the same sacco operating without a badge, highlighting yet another instance of non-compliance with regulatory standards.

NTSA suspends licence for 2 matatu saccos

In a separate incident on March 29, NTSA took action against two transport companies, Bungoma Line Safari Ltd and Smart Highways Sacco Ltd, by suspending their operating licenses.

This decision stemmed from their failure to adhere to speed regulations mandated by law.

According to NTSA, the suspension was prompted by the non-compliance of the two companies with Section 5 of the NTSA (Operation of PSV) Regulations, 2014, and the analysis of speed data violations collected through the NTSA Intelligent Road Safety Management System (IRSMS).

The NTSA instructed both companies to present their vehicles for compliance inspection to ensure they meet roadworthiness standards and verify the functionality of installed speed limiters.

Bungoma Line Safari Ltd must present 162 vehicles, while Smart Highways Sacco Ltd will present 29 vehicles for compliance inspection.

Additionally, both companies must subject their drivers to road safety training before resuming operations. Bungoma Line Safari Ltd will have 14 drivers retested by NTSA, while Smart Highways Sacco Ltd will have two drivers retested.

NTSA also requested the National Police Service (NPS) to impound any vehicles operating in defiance of the suspension.

NTSA tough on traffic offenders

On Wednesday, March 27, 2024, the road authority conducted a nationwide crackdown, impounding numerous vehicles and motorcycles.

Collaborating with the National Police Service, they set up roadblocks on major highways, leading to the apprehension of numerous traffic violators.

Many drivers found themselves caught off guard as NTSA enforced road safety regulations across various counties.

Road safety measures

NTSA) recently issued a set of guidelines aimed at minimizing road accidents and promoting responsible driving behaviour among road users.

Highlighting the importance of maintaining lane discipline, the NTSA emphasized the significance of keeping left unless overtaking carefully.

Moreover, the NTSA noted the necessity of respecting fellow road users and advocating for a culture of mutual consideration and understanding on the roads.

Overlapping, a common practice among impatient motorists, was labelled as an offence, as it not only violates traffic regulations but also endangers the lives of others.

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