‘Ukiongea na ukuta huwa inarespond?’- Jackie Matubia reveals she only talks to her first baby daddy alone

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On Mon, 1 Apr, 2024 13:17 | 2 mins read
Jackie Matubia with her baby daddies Kennedy Njogu and Blessing Lung’aho. PHOTOS/(@jmatubia)/Instagram

Actress Jackie Matubia has revealed that her baby daddy Blessing Lung'aho has gone radio silent on her following their breakup.

Speaking in an interview with YouTuber Trudy Kitui, Matubia revealed that she only talks to her first baby daddy Captain Kennedy Njogu because Lung'aho has given her the cold shoulder.

The mother of two likened her attempts to talk to Lung'aho to speaking to a wall.

"I only talk to my first baby daddy. Yeah. Unajua ukiongea na ukuta huwa inarespond kweli? I rest my case," Jackie Matubia said.

In matters dating, Matubia stated that she is currently prioritising her two daughters and professional career - stressing that she is very single.

The mother of two noted that she had no immediate plans for dating or getting married.

"Marriages and relationships are hard. I am not dating currently. I am a single mother of two beautiful girls, and I am proud," Matubia revealed.

Adding that; "I haven't thought about marriage. Right now, all I'm thinking about is creating an empire for my two girls and changing the industry."

Maurice Kivs

Jackie Matubia's revelation that she is single ignites questions about the nature of her relationship with Maurice Kivs whom she was thought to be dating following her breakup with Blessing Lung'aho.

Matubia in December 2023 posted a video on her Instagram Story looking all cosy with Maurice Kivs.

In another post, she uploaded a short clip capturing them dancing romantically to Nyashinski's love song 'Perfect Design.'

In the captions, Jackie Matubia hyped her man's Public Display of Affection(PDA) and asked fans to suggest wedding days.

"Does he hold you like this? New man innit. Leteni wedding venue suggestions and your most convenient dates," she wrote.

Irene Mulita

Blessing Lung’aho unveiled Irene Mulita as his new sweetheart weeks after his ex Jackie Matubia was seen dancing romantically with Maurice Kivs.

Lung’aho and Mulita demonstrated their love for each other as they spent quality time together at the Lake Elementaita Manor.

In a video that she posted on her Instagram account, Mulita was seen clad in a white bikini while chilling on the same bed with Lung’aho who was wearing a white t-shirt and shorts.

It was clear that Lung’aho and Mulita are lovebirds as the actor kept calling his sweetheart with the romantic name 'babe'.

"Salamiana babe," Lung’aho told Irene Mulita while speaking to the camera.

"Hi," Mulita responded.

"Nko wapi? Ule msee ata guess nampatia tickets ngapi? Waambie babe," Lung'aho added.

Lung’aho and Mulita were part of a group of men and women who were chilling by the swimming pool at the lakeside resort.

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