Brian Mwenda suggests Muguka ban in Mombasa was rushed

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On Fri, 24 May, 2024 11:42 | 2 mins read
City Lawyer Brian Mwenda. PHOTO/ (brianmwenda_) / Instagram
City Lawyer Brian Mwenda. PHOTO/ (brianmwenda_) / Instagram

Brian Mwenda has come out to bash the recent executive order in Mombasa against the entry, sale, and consumption of Muguka in the County.

Mwenda, who was accused of masquerading as a lawyer, shared that this ban was a big blow to traders especially those from Meru and Embu counties. 

He added that the decision by the Governor was rushed and no proper legislation process was followed. According to Mwenda, there was no public participation before the ban was passed something Governor Nassir said was empowered under Chapter 1 of the Constitution 2010 Article 2.

Brian Mwenda. PHOTO/ (brianmwenda_) / Instagram

“It is ridiculous that an individual can wake up one morning and imagine that his limited constitutional power to give orders he can ban a product without proper legislation because he's a governor of a county not state,” Mwenda stated.

Ceasing the Ban

Mwenda hinted that the stimulant was the major cash crop that has played a significant role in making him the man he is. He added that Muguka was mainly what sustained the economy of Meru and Embu counties and this would be a huge blow to them. 

Additionally, Mwenda said that he and a few of his colleagues are drafting a petition and later move to the High Court to have the ban revoked. Mwenda said the Governor is not trying to control substance abuse in Mombasa, but to make Mount Kenya's economy weaker.

“I understand the need for politicians to look busy but we will not allow such unstructured random ideas to be enforced. In truth this I'll advised stunt is to the detriment of the Meru, Embu and Mombasa Mogoka traders. It benefits not the poor, it doesn't,”  Brian said.

According to Mwenda, he felt the Governor of Mombasa Abdulswamad Nassir, was playing popular politics by banning Muguka, while members of his county were struggling with other hard drugs.

“The governor of Mombasa has decided to play populist politics with the bread and butter of the people of Meru and by large the Embu people. Also, the  Mombasa county Mogoka traders,” Mwenda said.

Ban on Muguka

Having issued a Gazette Notice on May 22, Nassir banned Muguka and its products from entering, transporting, distributing, selling, and using within Mombasa.

“All outlets, whether retail or wholesale, selling and or distrusting Muguka within Mombasa be closed immediately and or stopped from the sale of Muguka or its products,” Nassir ordered.

Political leaders from Meru and Embu had tried severally to persuade Nassir not to ban Miraa and Muguka trade or implement punitive taxes, but that fell on deaf ears.

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