Jahmby Koikai in urgent appeal for blood donation

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On Fri, 31 May, 2024 10:32 | 2 mins read
Media Personality Jahmby Koikai.PHOTO/@jahmbykoikai/Instagram

Media Personality Mary Njambi Koikai widely known as Jahmby Koikai is in urgent need of a blood transfusion.

Updating her fans about her health, Jahmby, through her official social media page disclosed that she is currently admitted at Pioneer Ward Nairobi Hospital.

Without disclosing her ailment the veteran media personality asked her fans who could donate blood to help her since she needed a blood transfusion.

“Hi fam, I am currently admitted at Pioneer Ward Nairobi Hospital and I kindly require blood O positive. Kindly asking for a blood donor for Mary Njambi Koikai,” she said.


The media personality has been vocal about her battle with Endometriosis and how the ailment affected her vital organs such as her lungs, heart, spine, and appendix due to late diagnosis.

It took her 17 years to get a diagnosis for the life-threatening disease Fyah Mummah disclosed while highlighting the effects of late diagnosis.

“The extent of the disease had spread to my teeth, heart, and appendix and affected my spine causing my organs to shift to the left. The adverse effects of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis cause infertility,” she said.

“The damage caused due to late diagnosis and lack of treatment in our country it took me 17 years to get a diagnosis. After fundraising for specialized treatment."

Media Personality Jahmby Koikai.PHOTO/@jahmbykoikai/Instagram

Jahmby went further to explain that she has undergone countless surgeries because her lungs would fail every month during her periods.

 “In my case that lining grew on my lungs, causing my lungs to collapse every month and countless surgeries,” we shed the lining of the uterus during our monthly periods, unfortunately, with Endometriosis that lining grows on other parts of the body,” Fyah Mummah confessed.

Jahmby’s appeal to Ruto

On Monday, May 20, 2024, Jahmby Koikai sent a health appeal to Ruto who was on his three-day US state tour.

The endo worrier asked the president to address the issue of Endometriosis which is affecting many women in the country due to lack of proper treatment facilities.

“This is a sincere call of help to a few Kenyan leaders but allow me to address this to President William Ruto first as he makes his state visit to the US. Mr. President, one of the thematic areas in your visit is investment in health,” she said.

“Atlanta, Georgia is a dream city for every young girl and woman who has ever battled this horrific disease called Endometriosis. Therein lies a centre dedicated to restoring the lives of young girls and women who are crippled by this disease. The @centerforendocare,”

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