Eric Omondi fundraises for ‘smokie’ vendor harassed by city askaris

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 19 Oct, 2023 11:12 | 2 mins read
Eric Omondi fundraises for smokie vendor harrassed by city authorities. PHOTO/Eric Omondi(@ericomondi)/Instagram screengrab
Eric Omondi fundraises for smokie vendor harrassed by city authorities. PHOTO/Eric Omondi(@ericomondi)/Instagram screengrab

Kenyan comedian turned activist Eric Omondi has stepped in to support a smokie vendor who incurred losses after city authorities descended on her and seized hers and her counterparts' trolleys.

Quinter Adhiambo caught the attention of the comedian and inspired him to take action.

Omondi who has been an advocate for reducing the cost of living in Kenya, urged Kenyans to support Quinter and her family.

Taking to his Instagram page, he announced his commitment to helping her by fundraising for her via Instagram Live.

"Nimepata Quinter guys we are going live in a few. We are going to change her life totally. Start sending money to her number 0704075542; her name is Quinter Adhiambo. Let's do this, guys!!!" he wrote.

A tweep on X provided an update on Eric's fundraising efforts, revealing that the comedian had successfully raised at least Ksh300,000 towards the target of Ksh500,000 as of 11:00 pm.

On Thursday morning, Omondi excitedly announced to his supporters that they had successfully raised Ksh556,000 in just three hours. He urged people to continue contributing to the cause.

"Wakiangusha tunainua!!! Last night, we pulled off a remarkable feat by raising Ksh 556,000 in just three hours for Quinter. This incredible effort was in response to the city council's disgraceful act of kicking and tossing her stock to the ground. What the devil intended to shatter, God used to elevate. It's a resounding victory for us! Let's continue to change Quinter's life completely by sending donations to her at 0702776359."

Omondi calls for Sakaja's support

Amid the chaos caused by city authorities on Wednesday, October 18, Eric also made a request to Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja to step in and assist Quinter.

"Call her tomorrow (Thursday) morning. You are my friend. Give her five million shillings. You have it; you can change her life. Help her; her dad is sick, he doesn't have a job, even her sibling is in Kisii University, bwana Sakaja, take the chance to change one life. This is an opportunity that God is giving you. Change just one life, and I will call you tomorrow," Omondi appealed.

Eric Omondi also called upon County Askaris to treat Nairobi residents humanely as they go about their business.

He emphasized the economic challenges people face and urged city authorities to use common sense in their interactions with residents.

"Use common sense, economy ni mbaya, people are struggling," he said.

Sakaja issues apology to smokie vendors

In response to the incident, Governor Johnson Sakaja issued an apology to the harassed vendors and took steps to address the situation.

He acknowledged that the happenings in the Central Business District (CBD) were unfortunate and not in line with the way Nairobians should be treated.

He expressed his commitment to maintaining a positive relationship with informal traders and indicated that recent incidents have marred this relationship.

He also compensated them with Ksh10,000 each.

"We will take disciplinary action. I have ordered the immediate release of all confiscated items, apologized to the traders, and personally compensated each of them to the tune of 10,000 shillings each. Even if the traders were operating without the required documentation, including a Medical Certificate from Public Health that every food handler must-have for the safety of Nairobians, they did not deserve such treatment, and we are dealing with this internally. Poleni sana."