Why you shouldn’t feed the urge for sex at first date

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On Tue, 4 Jun, 2024 08:00 | < 1 min read
Sex. PHOTO/Dainis Graveris/Pexels
PHOTO/Dainis Graveris/Pexels

Sometimes you have the chance of meeting ‘The One’. After a couple of dates you are even more convinced that you don’t want to let go. Then you start to wonder. When do we get to explore the cookie? After studying couples, this is what some scientists suggest.

When you first meet, the attraction is intense, and your new sweetheart seems perfect. Your body may hinder you from making a rational decision. You may engage in activities that you could regret later on. Resist the urge of undressing too soon, and instead, go on several dates in public areas.

If your dates last two hours, you may have to go on at least 20 dates before you can start to explore each other’s bodies. This will give you time to think clearly about your decision to have sex.

Invest in the emotional part of the relationship before jumping into bed. Couples who have spent quality time together and developed emotional closeness before being physically intimate are more likely to have a successful relationship.

Don’t have sex too soon into the relationship, and then say ‘I love you’ afterwards. It may feel awkward and apologetic. It is also a great idea to have had a discussion about your expectations from the relationship before any underwear comes off.

You can also wait until marriage. Studies have shown that the longer you delay sex, the more stable and satisfying your relationship will be. This is based on the assumption that by the time you get married you will have had time to learn more about your partner, and that the two of you will already have had an emotional connection that will provide a strong foundation for bedroom adventures.

The key message is, wait. Don’t ruin it by rushing into it.

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