Mnipee tu mtoto yangu nizike! Caroline Kagongo’s father breaks down after being denied daughter’s body

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 23 Jul, 2021 22:40 | 2 mins read
Caroline Kangogo father wants daughter's body for burial. PHOTO: Courtesy

The father of deceased killer Cop Caroline Kangogo is appealing to authorities to release the body of her daughter so that he can proceed with burial arrangements scheduled for Saturday, July 24.

Barnabas Kibor caused drama at Iten County morgue after being informed he will not take the body of his daughter as earlier planned.

This is after a postmortem examination set for the same day failed to happen. The morgue cited absence of a pathologist to conduct the exercise.

Speaking to the media after being denied the body, a tearful Kibor said the family had already concluded burial arrangements and therefore the burial has to be done on Saturday.

“Kufika leo watu wanasema hatuchukui mwili. Mnataka nani achukue na tumepanga kila kitu? Mimi nataka mtoto yangu, sina kesi na mtu. Mnataka akae hapa mpaka lini? (They told us today (Friday) that we cannot take the body. Whom do you want to take the body and we have already finished burial arrangements? I just want the body of my daughter. For how long should she stay here?)” he posed.

Mzee Kibor says they had agreed with DCI officers from the county that a postmortem examination will be done on Friday after which they will take the body for burial at their home in Nyawa Village, Elgeyo Marakwet county.

He faulted the authorities for failing to inform him prior to the set date of the postponement adding that it is impossible to cancel the burial date.

“Si mngeniambia ata jana tuhairishe. Siwezi kuja hapa nimejipanga alafu niambiwe siwezi pewa na sijui nani amefunga. Mnipee tu toto yangu niende nizike. (You should have told me on Thursday that we wouldn’t have the postmortem so that we cancel burial plans. I can’t come here ready to take the body only to be told that I cannot take her body and I don’t know who has blocked her release),” Mzee Kibor protested.

According to Kibor, he is no longer interested in the postmortem examination since he has no case against someone regarding the daughter’s death.

He has appealed to relevant authorities to allow him to take the body of his daughter for the final burial rites.

“Mimi sina maneno ingine na sina kesi na mtu. Wanipee tuu mtoto yangu. Sitaki ata hiyo upasuaji. Mtu yeyote ambaye anasikia hii sauti, atoe amri nipate mtoto yangu (I have no case with someone regarding my daughter. Let them just release the body of my daughter. I am not interested in the postmortem. Whoever is listening to my appeal, and is able to help me, please authorize the release of my daughter’s body),” he begged.

Mzee Kibor confirmed to the media that corporal Kangogo committed suicide this allaying fears that someone killed her.