Nyimbo Zako tamu- Mashirima Kapombe over the moon after Mbosso posted her on his Instagram Page

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 24 Jul, 2021 09:36 | 2 mins read
Mashirima Kapombe happy after Mbosso posted her. PHOTO: Courtesy

Renowned television news anchor Mashirima Kapombe was elated after her favourite Tanzanian singer Mbwana Yusuf Kilungi, popularly known by his stage name as Mbosso, posted her on his Instagram page.

In the post made by Mbosso, Mashirima was speaking to Mseto East Africa where she revealed that Mbosso is her favourite artist.

When asked by the host Mzazi Willy M Tuva who her favourite artist is, the TV news anchor said; “Wacha tu niseme  Mbosso (Let me just say Mbosso)”.


“I guess I am hopeless romantic and I just love his music. Yani maneno yake nasikia tuu ananiingiza box kila wakati (I always feel like I am falling for the lyrics of his songs),” Mashirima says in the video shared by Mbosso.

The WCB singer captioned the video with a message of gratitude to the presenter for supporting his music career.

At the same time, he questioned the meaning of ‘kuingia box’ which in Kenya is a slung for falling in love.

“Thanks For the Love My Sister Mashirima Kapombe. Wakenya Nitoeni Ushamba Kidogo “ Ananiingiza Tu Box Maana Yake nini?” Mbosso wrote.

The post moved Mashirima who took to the comment section and wrote; “Oh my gooosssshhh! ❤️❤️❤️  Mbosso Una mistari kaka. Mungu azidi kukubariki (You have romantic lyrics. May God continue blessing you)”.


As if that is not enough, Mashirima took to her page to explain the meaning of “Kuingia box” as she, at the same time, expressed her happiness for being posted by the singer.

"Mtu wa kuniingiza box amenipost.  Mbosso Wewe ni Mtaalam, Nyimbo zako Tamuuuu, huwa zafanya moyo wangu wadunda ki-maajab, hodari wa mistari... niendelee? (Someone who knows how to make me fall for him has posted me. Mbosso you are an expert; your songs are sweet. They make my heart fall for you. Expert in romantic lyrics… should I continue?)” Mashirima wrote on her Instagram.

The post equally attracted Mbosso's attention who commented: “Thanks for the love”.