Man killed at Mirema Drive was full-time thug, had 7 wives – DCI

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On Thu, 19 May, 2022 22:18 | 2 mins read

Samuel Mugoh Muvota, the man shot dead in broad daylight on Monday, May 11 in Mirema drive inside his car was a serial criminal, the DCI now says.

The car Muvota was driving before being shot.

In a statement, Muvota's criminal acts date back to 2011 when he started stealing ATMs before indulging in spiking drinks in high-end recreational spots through beautiful and expensive-looking women whom he hired.

Until his death, he was a multi-millionaire with several real estate properties across Nairobi and headed a rogue group of criminals specializing in ATM and SIM swapping.

Interestingly, Muvota also had seven wives who led a lavish life and none of them knew of his double life.

He is said to have employed over 50 women in his business of spiking drinks (mchele) with a substance called 'Tamuu' used by people suffering from mental disorders. It is believed that one of the women told on him after a deal went sour.

During the 11 years of his crime, Muvota was frequently arrested for fraud-related charges in over 30 cases handled in Nairobi and Kiambu courts.

"On most occasions, he would approach the complainants with a refund for their money and the cases would collapse," DCI disclosed.

He is said to have been closely working with bank officials preferably from the Cooperative bank to steal money from people's ATM accounts.

Further, he worked closely with police officers and cyber security specialists who made it difficult to have him arrested.

One of his biggest transactions was of Ksh700,000 back in 2018 in Kayole where his victim, an elderly woman collapsed and died on spot after discovering her money was missing.

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