Drama as Mackenzie, aides boo state prosecutor in court

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On Tue, 1 Aug, 2023 19:13 | 2 mins read
Cult leader Paul Mackenzie. PHOTO/K24 Digital
Cult leader Paul Mackenzie. PHOTO/K24 Digital

Suspected Shakahola cult leader Paul Mackenzie and his aides booed Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Yamina Jamii after he applied to bar the suspects from freely associating with each other while being held in custody.

Jamii who was responding to an application that had been tabled before the court by the suspect's lawyer Wycliffe Makasembo, remained silent on his feet, as Mackenzie and his followers in unison booed him.

Makasembo had asked Shanzu Senior Principal Magistrate Yusuf Shikanda, to allow his clients to mingle with each other while being held at the Shimo la Tewa G.k prison.

However, Jamiis' move to oppose the application on the grounds that, once the suspects were allowed to interact freely with each and discuss the progress of their case would lead to more cases of religious radicalization among the suspects.

Makasembo in his application had sought orders to allow Mackenzie and his associates to be allocated a period of time to freely interact with each other.

"I hereby apply for the court to allow the suspects sometimes on their own to discuss their case and catch up with each other while being held at Shimo La Tewa G.k prison," he stated

The suspects booed while some uttered words "Wacha hio mambo yako aaaaaaa."

Mackenzie was seen throwing his hands in the air a sign he was against the DPP's move to bar him from associating with his aides.

Earlier, the suspects had turned violent while in the court, and began chanting songs of "Haki yetu" before their lawyer intervened to calm them do.

Shikanda informed the suspects that he was ready to leave if they continued with their protests.

The matter had come up for mention, where the state is now seeking to have the suspects held for four days to allow state agencies yet again to file another application seeking to have the suspects detained for more days.

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