‘Nobody stopping anyone from making it’ – Vera Sidika’s message to Gen Zs

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On Mon, 20 May, 2024 15:15 | 2 mins read
Socialite Vera Sidika. PHOTO/@queenveebosset/Instagram
Socialite Vera Sidika. PHOTO/@queenveebosset/Instagram

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has told off Generation Z (Gen Zs), advising them to work hard to secure their place in the entertainment industry instead of waiting for older celebrities to step aside.

Sidika's comments came in response to a comment on a post about Kate Actress' upcoming visit to the White House for a State Dinner.

"These ageing celebrities should rest now, next-gen," the comment read.

In a long post on her Insta Stories, the mother of two expressed her frustration with the idea that older and established stars should make way for younger talent.

She emphasized that success in the industry is earned through hard work, not handed down.

"Why do people think others rested so we could get space in the industry?? Nobody will leave space for anybody. You push your way in," Sidika stated.

"Gen Z always complaining, claiming 'Oh they're too old now, they need to rest.' Rest for who??? Should we turn down deals & money coz of Gen Z? Nobody saying Gen Z shouldn't get bread. But did anyone rest for us to become successful? Nope. Nobody stopping anyone from making it. There's enough money for everybody! (sic)"

The socialite urged the younger generation to put in the effort required to succeed, rather than expecting opportunities to be handed to them.

"Instead of working, you all wanna sit & wait for people to create spaces for you to catwalk in stress-free. These streets aren't for the weak. It's hard work that separates people, & nobody should ever need to rest to accommodate anyone. You all get up & work!!!!! Success waits for nobody. Stop this narrative abeg," she declared.

A post by Vera Sidika on Monday, May 20, 2024, on her stories. PHOTO/@queenveebosset

Kate actress

Kate Actress was invited by Meg Whitman, the US ambassador to Kenya, to attend a State dinner at the White House.

Expressing her gratitude on social media, the mother of two thanked the US embassy in Nairobi for their dedication and efforts in supporting the growth of Kenya's creative industry.

“Good morning. This village girl will be attending the STATE DINNER at the White House & a Luncheon at the #TylerPerry studios in Atlanta by invitation from Her Excellency #AmbassadorMegWhitman,” She wrote.

“@usembassynairobi your efforts and commitment towards the growth of the Kenyan creative economy is greatly appreciated. 🇺🇸🇰🇪,” she expressed gratitude.

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