Pozze opens up on how Nyashinki, Muthoni Drummer Queen advised him after ditching Gospel music

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On Mon, 20 May, 2024 15:41 | 2 mins read
Kenyan musician Willy Paul.
Kenyan musician Willy Paul. PHOTO/@willy.paul.msafi/Instagram

Willy Paul alias Pozze has narrated how his fellow artistes Muthoni Drummer Queen and Nyashinski reached out to him and offered valuable advice on navigating the secular music industry. 

According to Willy Paul, Muthoni Drummer Queen and Nyashinski, both accomplished artistes in their own right, took the time to share their experiences and insights with him. 

He says they provided him with practical advice on how to navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with being a secular artiste.

Kenyan artiste Willy Paul (Pozze). PHOTO/Willy Paul(@willy.paul.msafi)/Instagram
Kenyan artiste Willy Paul. PHOTO/Willy Paul(@willy.paul.msafi)/Instagram

Their guidance helped him understand the dynamics of the industry and make informed decisions about his music as he transitioned into secular music.

“She reached out at that time during the transition. Alinipigia simu akasema this is what you should do, this and this,” he said. 

Muthoni to Pozze

In a post on July 31, 2019, Muthoni tweeted a few key pointers that would help him develop a thick skin as he transitioned. She advised that Kenyans would still love Willy Paul as long as he succeeded.

Muthoni requested Pozze, as he is popularly known, to develop a thick skin and reminded him that he would lose a few people but would be compensated by those he would gain along the way.

“Ditch the church and everything that comes with it. This 'bad boy' image, makes it your reality. Curse on tracks. Get 100 tattoos. Do whatever & exactly what you want to do. Just write us real stories. Work with excellent producers. Shape your own sound. Own your narrative,” Muthoni tweeted.

Nyashinki, on the other hand, was returning to Kenya after taking a hiatus from the music scene. Paul mentions that Nyashinki was intrigued by the music that Willy Paul was producing and he encouraged Pozze to keep up with his venture.

“Nyashinki was just from the US, he called me and told me to stay strong as he has seen what was going on,” Willy Paul added.

Muthoni Drummer Queen, Willy Paul and Nyashinski PHOTO/ Photograb by K24 Digital(@muthonidrummerqueen, @willy.paul.msafi, @realshinski) /Instagram
Muthoni Drummer Queen, Willy Paul and Nyashinski PHOTO/ Photograb by K24 Digital(@muthonidrummerqueen, @willy.paul.msafi, @realshinski) /Instagram

Pozze's hits like Kamati ya Roho Chafu done with Bien and Hallelujah ft Nandy all garnered him more than 3 million views on YouTube.

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