Lamu residents cast doubts on govt’s claim that killings, attacks are by Al-Shabaab militants

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 16 Jan, 2022 20:03 | 2 mins read

Residents of Mpeketoni Lamu County are calling on the government to solve the land problems which are perceived to be the cause of killings and attacks that are going on in the county.

Led by human rights activist Ng’ang’a Kimani, the residents say they do not believe the people who conducted the attack are Al-Shabaab terrorists from Somalia.

According to them, Somalia is many kilometers away from Lamu. They have called on the government to investigate and ensure that those involved face the full force of the law.

“We do not believe that the terrorists are from Somalia which is three hundred kilometers away and the government does not find them. We believe it is land issues that are causing all these to happen,” Kimani said.

Further on, they called on the government to investigate who is with the terrorists saying they could not be conducting the attacks without knowing where they are going, and where to hide. They argue that at least by now, the authorities could have arrested some or even killed the criminals like they have killed the residents.

“If the government will fasten in their investigations, it will be better. Let them look into where the people are from and whom they are with because they cannot get to Kenya without being assisted by someone,” one of the residents added.

This comes as residents in the affected areas continue to live in fear with some even migrating from their homes. Students have also been forced to leave school.

Ten people have been killed so far in the targeted villages and property destroyed. Four police officers were also killed on January 7.

Two bodies of those who had been abducted were found in the forest on Thursday 14 by the police.

The worrying state of security in Lamu has led to a heavy deployment of security in a bid to curb any impending attacks from both Al-Shabaab militants and bandits.