Vicma*s LuoDollar claims he cancelled show worth Ksh700K after promoters misspelt his name

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 16 Jan, 2022 19:20 | < 1 min read

If you are thinking of inviting flamboyant Luo rapper Vicmass LuoDollar to your show, then you have to make sure you spell his name correctly.

This comes after he revealed that his name carries a lot of weight than the money you offer him for his performance.

Well, to demonstrate how much his name means to him, in a recent interview, the Bank Otuch hitmaker revealed that he once refused to perform in a show worth Ksh700,000 after its promoter omitted an 's' in his name, Vicmass.

"Nishawahi acha show ya Ksh700,000 juu waliandika poster mbaya. Waliandika Vicmass na s moja. Jina langu ni Vicmass na 's' mbili and it has a meaning. And the name 'LuoDollar' has space between it," he said.

The rapper revealed that his name has a deeper meaning to him that he is willing to do anything possible to make people get it right. According to him, the Ksh700K he was offered at the show was small money compared to the brand his name holds for him.

"So nikukuambia umeandika jina langu vibaya halafu ukatae... Ksh700K is not a lot of money compared to my name. Nimekubali kulala njaa just to protect my name because its my brand," he asserted.

Adding: "So you know, no amount of money can replace the spelling of my name, my name is Vicmass LuoDollar. It is not just an "aka" it has a deeper meaning that is very personal and dear to my heart. I will go all lengths to make sure you get it right no gimmicks."