Kajiado: Residents call on KWS to capture huge snake spotted in water pan within town

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On Mon, 26 Feb, 2024 12:14 | 2 mins read
An African Rock Python constricting a Cormorant in Lake Naivasha, Kenya. PHOTO/Wikipedia

Residents of Ilbisil, Kajiado Central Constituency are calling on Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) to intervene and capture a 'monster' snake spotted in a water pan within the town.

Locals, who are currently living in fear, claim to have spotted numerous snakes in the water pan but recently spotted a bigger and dangerous reptile which has prompted them to keep off the water point.

They say the reptile endangers the lives of livestock and children who may not be aware of the danger in the water source which is also near Ilbisil Township primary school.

"We are no longer going to fetch water from the natural water pan. The snake is too huge and we fear it might swallow humans, sheep and goats. The looming danger has forced us to have an adult keep vigil along the pan just to keep off children who intend to quench their thirst at the pan while coming from school. The vigil is not sustainable since it is done on a voluntary basis and based on the availability of the volunteer. Our children are not safe," Faith Nkanasa, a resident, said.

The locals now appeal to the concerned agencies to intervene to avert possible loss of lives.

"We call upon KWS and reptile experts to urgently come to our rescue. The snake's loud hissing is sometimes traumatizing to locals within the area. Everyone is living in fear even in homes. We all fear that the snake might find its way to homes if not captured, " another resident of Ilbisil Peter Keposhe lamented.

Some residents have also begun pouring chemicals around their homes believing it will scare off the snakes.

Others have raised concern saying keeping off the pan is not a solution since the reptile might be productive breeding more snakes.

"Ever since I saw the snake, I no longer sleep with lights off. I feel so scared. The snake is gigantic," Solomon Solonke, a resident, claimed.

All snakes are limbless and move with speed with some categorized as poisonous while others are not poisonous.

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