‘I received d***h threats’ – W***n forced to explain why she was photogr*phed with Raila Odinga

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 28 Oct, 2021 18:54 | 2 mins read
Sashona Mbote Seraphine with ODM leader Raila Odinga. PHOTOS/COURTESY

A young woman whose photo with Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga made rounds on social media has finally spoken on how she ended up in the same place with the politician.

Sashona Mbote Seraphine, who is a Kenyan living in Zanzibar gave an explanation as she asked Kenyans to move on and live their lives without interfering with hers.

“Kenyans should first accept and move on, deal with covid millionaires before coming after me a simple taxpayer. I should be the last on your worry list because you have ten years of slavery loading because you have not paid China’s loan,” Seraphine posted on her official Facebook account.

The post which reads like a letter being sent to Kenya asked its citizens to seize from resurfacing the issue every other time because it was a matter of the past. It happened five years ago.

Seraphine said that the photo was taken in 2017 and the fact that Kenyans have been abusing and bullying her online about it has never shaken or killed her.

“Some of you (Kenyans) concentrated on bullying me calling me all types of names because of innocent pictures and a rotten regime that hates its women. You slaves, you are calling me names to appease your oppressors to get jobs while you don’t even have food for the night,” she further stated, adding that the foolishness of those who have been bullying her can only be awarded a PHD.

She said that the photo saw her become a celebrity because many people were wondering who was this lady who had taken a photo with Odinga.

Seraphine said that the photos were taken by Jimmy Wanjigi when she spotted Odinga inside a lobby at the Park Hyatt hotel in Zanzibar.

The 27-year-old lady said that she requested to take the photo after she spotted Odinga seated a few meters from her and at the time he was in the company of Wanjigi, Simon Leon, two men and his bodyguards.

She asked Kenyans to also focus on the waiter who is standing behind the ODM leader serving clients who are seated next to the ocean.

“You can also see lights on the sea from ships that had docked but because nyinyi hubebewa akili kama the fools you are, from today you have my full permission to use those images as you wish,” she said.

“For sure the eyes are useless when the mind is blind,” she added.

Seraphine asked a section of Kenyans who have always told off those abusing and bullying her to stop because she had realised those sharing the images were ‘primitive people.’

She maintained that she is a strong woman who even recently celebrated her birthday and really had lots of fun.