CS Kuria denies reports of plans to introduce service fees at Huduma Centres

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On Mon, 16 Oct, 2023 17:23 | < 1 min read
Public Service CS Moses Kuria
Public Service CS Moses Kuria. PHOTO/@HonMoses_Kuria/X

Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has denied reports that he will introduce service fees at Huduma Centres.

In a statement, Kuria accused the media of misquoting him, saying he was talking about fees being paid by agencies represented at Huduma Centres.

"The media is misrepresenting what I said about Huduma Centres. The public is already paying government departments for services offered through Huduma Centres but those departments do not pay Huduma Centres for distributing their services to the public thus forcing Huduma Centres to depend 100% on Exchequer Support," Kuria said.

"Such departments are the ones to pay fees for service, not the public. But it would be a dull day for the media if they did not misrepresent me."

Kuria announces changes in public service

Kuria had earlier in the day announced that he would introduce a number of changes in the public service, including re-engineering the National Youth Service (NYS) to lead a great transformation in the agricultural sector, revive manufacturing and increase the culture of patriotism.

Kuria, who has dubbed himself as the "new sheriff in town", has vowed to change the Kenya School of Government to the African School of Government to offer training services to other African countries.

"The Kenya School of Government has a lot to work on and make sure it becomes our tool for widening our influence in the region. The transformation of making KSG to the African School of Government starts now, and soon all other African governments will be coming here for their training," he said.

Kuria was moved from the Ministry of Trade in a cabinet reshuffle a fortnight ago, now taking over from Jumwa who was moved to the new Ministry of Gender, Culture, the Arts and Heritage.

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