Cop in custody for fighting colleague in Kitui

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 13 Nov, 2021 19:17 | 2 mins read

A Kenya Defence Force (KDF) officer was on Thursday, November 11 nabbed by two police officers after he was engaged in a brawl with a colleague.

In a police report seen by K24 Digital, the KDF officer identified as Carlos Githongo allegedly engaged in a fight with John Karanja who is attached to the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU) and who is in charge of guarding Huduma Centre in Kitui town.

“It was reported by John Karanja of CIPU Kitui camp and who was guarding Huduma Centre noticed a person leaning against the perimeter fencing on a dark side, so he flashed a spotlight and challenged the person,” the report filed at Kitui Central Police Station read in part.

The suspect is suspected to be annoyed why Karanja was disturbing him and appeared infuriated, forcing the KDF officer to rush through the main gate which was open.

According to the report, the KDF officer grabbed Karanja’s Scorpion gun, which led to a struggle between the two.

However, Karanja overpowered the KDF officer and cocked his gun ready to shoot, but the KDF officer identified himself as an officer.

“A struggle ensued between him and the stranger until APC Karanja managed to cock the weapon that the man begged sentry to spare his life as he identified himself to be a KDF soldier,” the report further read.

As the commotion was going on, Franklin Mkoka who is a colleague to Karanja and whom they were guarding the premises with heard the commotion.

He rushed to the scene and only found the KDF officer’s arms raised as Karanja pointed his rifle towards Franklin.

They instead opted to arrest the KDF officer and upon search found his KDF service number which they also took to the station.

He was booked at the station “for creating a public disturbance.”