Bungoma: Shock as man is caught having intercourse with cow

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 26 Jan, 2023 15:23 | 2 mins read
Bungoma man caught having intercourse with cow.
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Residents of Bukusu village in Kibabi area, Bungoma county were left shocked after a man was caught having sexual intercourse with a cow.

The suspect who is currently on the run was caught in the act by an area resident who later informed the police. He is said to have committed the beastly act with the cow as it was grazing in a nearby field.

Despite being cornered the suspect managed to escape.

Christine Wekesa, the owner of the aforementioned cow expressed disappointment noting that she had left her cow in good condition, but now the animal has been left harmed due to the man's acts.

Local residents heavily castigated the man's beastly act noting that the behaviour does not conform with the Bukusu community's customs and traditions.

Others such as Homa Bay town Member of Parliament (MP) called out the man and subsequently asked authorities to ensure that the man rots in prison.

"Arrest, prosecute and jail the pervert for life!" he wrote on his Twitter account.

Police have currently launched a manhunt for the suspect whose whereabouts are still unknown.

The latest comes months after a young man was beaten black and blue by an irate mob after he was caught committing an unnatural act with a sheep.

24-year-old Stephen Owino was saved from lynching by an assistant chief who rushed to the scene after getting a tip-off from a villager.

Confirming the incident, Mulaha sub-location assistant chief Marcellus Murunga, said the incident occurred at Ombwede village on the outskirts of Siaya town.

Murunga said that the sheep owner was drawn to the pen by a commotion and bleating from the sheep and when he went to check what was amiss, he was baffled to find the stark naked suspect in the act.

“He raised an alarm and villagers quickly responded and gave chase to the man,” the assistant chief said.

He added that the suspect who hailed from Masumbi sub-location rented a house in Ombwede.

Murunga said that this was not the first time the suspect was been found committing the beastly act, adding that some time back, he was arrested and arraigned in court over the same offence.

According to Section 162(b) of the penal code, bestiality or unnatural acts is considered a felony. If found guilty one is liable to serve up to 14 years in prison.